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Thinking of becoming an MMA fighter – Here are tips by Alan Fenandes

Here, Alan Fenandes gives you the tips on how to set your goals and go after them if you have made up your mind to become an MMA fighter – the most demanding and risk-infused fitness sport.

Thinking of becoming an MMA fighter – Here are tips by Alan Fenandes

MMA has literally become the number one sought after Fitness regime in the world…thanks to its High Intensity Workouts and every man’s/woman’s fantasy bodies that are developed through the training regimen. Most of the Glamour and Glitz comes from the ripped and skilled MMA fighters across the world who fight in a cage professionally. So do we have to fight in cage to get that dream body or fitness? Is there a way out for common man/woman to be fit through MMA without fighting… Well, the answer is YES. Here are a few basic tips to help you…

Learn about the Sport that is MMA

Learn about MMA … What does it stand for??? What is MIXED MARTIAL ARTS? Do Your Research. Find out a gym where MMA is the central theme. Read through the Specialized training that they offer. Remember the unanswered questions are the ones which are never asked? So feel free to ask as many as per your personal goals/doubts.

Be Clear

Once you have made your decision to learn it, the next thing you need to do is to be honest about your fitness levels and goals. Your trainer will know where to begin because they don’t want you to end up leaving the program in between. And you should never worry about being honest. We all need to start somewhere and someday.

Always Warm up and Cooldown

Its important and almost compulsory that any MMA routine begin with an extensive Warmup and end with a proper cooldown. Since the workouts are intense and fast in nature its necessary to prepare and preserve your body with the above two.


Lot of people and uninformed trainers mix bodybuilding with MMA training.MMA is not bodybuilding it’s a functional muscle moving routine. It doesn’t mean that there is no weight training involved in MMA but it has more movement specific weight training than the regular weight training for bodybuilding Championship posing.

Work on your CPU (CORE)

Your Core is the key to everything. If engaged correctly it can be a great help in kicks and punches and help through all your MMA drills that your trainer will put through. Keep Your Central Processing Unit happy and strong for a smooth functioning of your system (Body)

Eat the right and clean

Your body has to be fueled correctly to perform right. And your diet plays that key role in this. Correct input gives correct output. Have a great mix protein, carbohydrates and fats in your daily calorie intake. Take advice from a certified Nutritionist.

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