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Things You Must Know About Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Did you know that the competitive sport known as mixed martial arts [MMA] is a hybrid combat sport incorporating techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo karate and other disciplines. Know more about MMA in this article.

Things You Must Know About Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Did you know that the competitive sport known as mixed martial arts [MMA] is a hybrid combat sport incorporating techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo karate and other disciplines. Know more about MMA in this article.

Mixed Martial Arts is One of the Most Demanding Sports You will Ever Come Across!

The rules of Mixed Martial Arts differ slightly from one promotion to the next because each fighting organization, can create unique rules. 

The competitive sport known as mixed martial arts [MMA] is a hybrid combat sport incorporating techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo karate, and other disciplines.

History of mixed martial arts. 

Mixed Martial Arts was believed to date back to the ancient Olympic Games in 648BC, when pankration - the Martial training of Greek armies - was considered the combat sport of ancient Greece. 

This brutal contest combined wrestling, boxing and street fighting.

Kicking and hitting a downed opponent were allowed, only biting and eye gouging were forbidden. A contest ended when one of the fighters acknowledged defeat or was rendered unconscious. 

 In some cases, competitors died during matches.

 The sport was popularized by brothers Carlos and Hélio Gracie, whose father was a prominent Brazilian politician, had learned jujitsu techniques from a Japanese immigrant.

 It first came to the attention of many in North America after the Gracie family decided to showcase its trademark Brazilian jujitsu in the United States in the 1990s.

 The seeds of change in the sport were sown in 2001, when new UFC management created rules to make the sport less dangerous. It added weight classes, rounds and time limits, and extended the list of fouls in the ring. 

The revamped UFC no longer featured mostly brawlers. Newer fighters were more skilled as boxers, wrestlers, and martial arts extensively and remain in peak condition to perform well. 

In the United States the sport came under regulation by the same bodies that governed the sport of boxing, including the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. 

Organization of the sport 

On the professional level. It produces dozens of live events each year and its pay-per-view cable television broadcasts have reached viewer in some 130 countries around the world. 

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation [IMMAF] was founded in 2012 in Sweden to further the development of the sport and to serve as the global governing body for amateur mixed martial arts.

The IMMAF members today include more than 40 national mixed martial arts federations. 

The IMMAF annually sponsors the World Championships of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts World ranking list. It is stated goal of the IMMAF to ultimately secure the inclusion of mixed martial arts in the Olympic Games. 


Object of Mixed Martial Arts  

The object of the sport is to defeat your opponent utilising striking, throwing and grappling techniques. Although in the early years of MMA and particularly the UFC fighters tended to concentrate on one martial art and tended to be solely strikers and grapplers, nowadays most fighters recognise the need to cross-train to be successful in mixed martial arts. 

 Such a mix of styles in which you take the strengths of each is essential to being successful in modern mixed martial arts and consistently winning matches. 

Players and Equipment 

Mixed Martial arts is contested two people in a cage or a ring. It is generally thought of as an adult only sport but there are more and more juniors training in mixed martial arts and they compete in competitions. 

However, Mixed Martial Arts can be dangerous sport matches are generally not full contact strikes to the face are not allowed and nor are any forms of joint locks that could be dangerous to growing bones.

The ring/cage used in mixed martial arts must be between 20 square feet and 32 square feet. 

Mixed Martial arts is the ultimate one-on-one combat sport, no other equipment is used apart from MMA gloves, lightweight padded gloves that allow movement of the fingers whilst also protecting the hands when punching. 


In mixed martial arts matches, scoring is done in the same way as many other combat sports such as boxing. 

Three judges sit around the ring and score each round, giving the winner of the round in their judgement 10 points and the loser 9 points. In rounds where there is a clear winner, the loser may only receive 8 points. 

If the match lasts the whole duration then the judges scorecards are added up and the winner announced.

If the judges’ scorecards indicate that both scores are equal, then the match is declared a draw. 

Winning the Match 

Mixed Martial arts matches can be won in one of these number of ways: 

  1. Knockout

When one fighter causes their opponent to lose consciousness due to the strike.

  1. Decision

If the fight lasts all of its rounds then the outcome of the match is decided by judges, the winner being the fighter with the most points.

  1. Submission 

This is when one fighter places their opponent into a hold and then the opponent "taps out" or, if they refuse to and the hold continues, they may lose consciousness and the referee ends the fight immediately.

  1. Technical knockout [TKO]

This is when a fight is ended by the referrer the fighter’s corner or a doctor’s reasons can include a fighter unable to defend themselves or if continuing the fight could put the fighter’s health at risk. 

  1. Forfeit

A fighter can forfeit the match before the fight if they are injured and unable to fight.

  1. No contest

If both fighters continually break the rules of Mixed Martial Arts, if one fighter is injured unintentionally by an illegal action, a no contest can be called.

Rules of Mixed Martial Arts 

  1. Matches shall consist of three rounds, each of which should last no more than five minutes.
  1. Fights shall take place in a ring or cage that measures between 20 square feet and 32 square feet. 
  1. To ensure a fair-fight competitions may only fight those fighters that are in the same weight category. 
  1. When the contest begins fighters should use legal strikes grappling and throwing techniques in an attempt to defeat their opponent.

A fighter can stomp, kick, and can use knee strikes to the head, but cannot strike with the elbow on the head. 

We hope this article arms you up with the knowledge before taking up the challenging sport.

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