Thin and Weak to a Crossfit Coach: Transformation of Ritika Borah

She never played any game in her life but it is never too late to do a new beginning. She realized, started and never looked back!

Thin and Weak to a Crossfit Coach: Transformation of Ritika Borah

I am Ritika Borah a 29-year-old from Hyderabad. I am a crossfit level 2 coach.

I believe it is never too late to do a new beginning. I was non-athletic, never played any sport in school. I could not even run 1km without getting out of breath. I was thin and considered myself fit.

After completing my B. Tech, I have worked in Amazon and I got sucked into the corporate life with long working hours during the week and late-night parties on the weekends, I was so unorganized. I started noticing my body getting fat with beer belly. I joined gym to get rid of my fat and that is when I realized how unfit I was, that day I promised myself to never look back and to keep working towards my fitness goals.

I never felt so strong and fit before and according to me it is my biggest achievement. I was a girl who was too weak to carry her backpack and now, I can easily lift 100kg. I have turned my fate around with my dedication and hard work.

The most challenging thing for me was to completely change my career path. I remember my parents were so angry at me when I quit my job and became a Crossfit coach. At that time they did not understand, it took sometime but they finally understand that fitness is my passion and I am happier than I would have been if I was working at a corporate company as an engineer. I feel if we are passionate about something, we should go for it with all our heart irrespective of what our typical society teaches us what to do or not.

I workout 6 days a week, 3 days high intensity workout, 2 days strength training, 1 day animal flow and Sundays are usually rest days.

I do not believe in dieting or eating less to get fit. One should eat good food along with proper training to be healthy and fit. I make sure that I have 5 meals a day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, evening snack and dinner). I divide each meal into three portions- carbohydrates, protein and fiber and eat accordingly. Most of the athletes do not pay attention to sleep but it is the most important factor of health. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep so I can recover and get ready for the next day’s training.

Fitness is a lifestyle. If you do not want to get down with disease like diabetes at the age of 40, start paying attention to your health. If you do not enjoy exercising and working out, then choose any form of physical activity like dance, cycling, running, swimming, etc.

Start working on yourself, trust me you will love the new version of yourself.

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