The Young Instagram Wizard Bharat Singh

Youth icon Bharat inspires young generation out there but who inspires him? Know his inspirational story through this article.

The Young Instagram Wizard Bharat Singh

The age when teenagers are chatting their way on social media or are dating online or just sharing jokes for that matter, Bharat is already a young entrepreneur who manages the social media accounts of famous athletes, bodybuilders and models besides his studies. He has the knack and knows how to make an apparently time-eating involvement a time-investing one! However, his ambition is to be a sports personality preferably a cricketer.

He lives in a joint family and originally belongs to Sultanpur (UP) but he did his schooling from Lucknow and completed his high school from Central Academy and Intermediate from City International School.  

“My whole family supported me especially my dad and mom. They allow me to do whatever I want and never forced me to do only study like other parents do. Really! Lucky to have supporting and caring family“, he quoted.

It’s not easy for him to manage his studies and work together but he manages both things nicely. He makes his schedule to work effectively and is able to finish his work on time.

“Frankly speaking, I sacrificed enjoyment of school life and devoted my all extra towards my work. I only do things which are important for me and always try to finish the work on time”, he said.

His journey of becoming young entrepreneur has started at very early age.  At the age of 15, he realized the power of social media and digital marketing is the fast growing industry from where he wanted to build connections and a resourceful network to give way to his dream.

It seems easy but it’s not because apart from time management, he faces other problems as he is very young, people doubt his reliability and work but his dedication and passion proves them wrong.

He got inspired after watching the movie of Sylvester Stallone and made a fan page of him on social media that time he was in 10th standard. His first fan page got viral overnight and after that he made his second page related to Fitness and bodybuilding that page also became one of the fastest growing page around the world. After seeing the growth of his page few athletes contacted him to manage their accounts. He attended BodyPower Expo in Mumbai and there he met Nick Orton CEO of Bodypower, from where his best time had begun as he made more clients. Later on he joined Sheru   Angrish and Team IHFF. Now he’s connected to most of the famous fitness personalities. According to him social media is the best platform for athletes where they can express themselves and their thoughts to the world.

He’s the inspiration for many of the youngsters but he gets inspired by Sylvester Stallone, Warren Buffett and Sourav Ganguly.  “All the three inspire me in different ways. Warren has inspired me for savings and for investments. Sourav Ganguly inspired me from his leadership and Sylester Stallone made me realize that anything is possible,” he said.

After his graduation, he’ll focus on his fitness and sports and will expand his business.

His life mantra is – ‘Always believe in yourself, never give up on your dreams and follow your passion rather than compete with others.’ He believes - “My dreams keep me motivated despite not getting enough sleep.”

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