The Vegan Powerlifting Athlete – Yojit Chaudhary

This athlete coverage is different because this demonstrates the success of Yojit, a powerlifting athlete and not being able to eat animal products, meat or chicken does not limit his potential! Read it to know more.

The Vegan Powerlifting Athlete – Yojit Chaudhary

Yojit Chaudhary is a fitness model who belongs to Delhi with years of experience in fitness modeling. He is known for being flexible, adaptable, versatile, hardworking and good at taking directions.

He has won around 5 powerlifting competitions. He believes in the saying of Arnold when he said – If a person is not able to give one hour (to workout/exercise) out of his everyday life then that person is not a human, he is an animal. Yojit manages his time and shuffles it to make time for his everyday life and as a part of it, for workout in particular.

Yojit has spent years in training to get this enviable physique and looks forward to enhance it more. He enjoys powerlifting and his workouts are based on his choice of sport too. Like everyone successful in keeping fit, he also believes in following a routine consistently and said that he is patient with his body. He takes care of what nutrition goes into his body through food.

There are rare examples of bodybuilders who are vegan and Yojit is certainly one of them. So there is nothing which can stop you from pursuing your fitness goals and all restrictions are in your mind if you think that you cannot get good nutrition out of vegan food! Taking supplements is of course, an individual choice which depends upon the need of the body.

Basic Workout

Yojit follows strict routine of compound movements such as deadlift, squats, bench press, shoulder press, snatch, clean and jerk.

Basic Diet

Yojit follows a vegan diet with more intake of protein, fine and good fats and a little carbs as much as the body needs.

Apart from this, for the whole day he makes a list. He works out what order to do things in, by thinking about which tasks are urgent and how important each task is. If he is given a new task, he adds it to the list and decides when to do it. This way, he adapts the order in which he does things as necessary.

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