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The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit Lingo

This article educates your on CrossFit terminology and benefits of including CrossFit in your exercise routine.

The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit Lingo

This article educates your on CrossFit terminology and benefits of including CrossFit in your exercise routine.

Among several ways to develop muscles, gaining strength and stamina while burning calories CrossFit stands out.  CrossFit exercises are exercises that work together on muscle strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body protection.

 CrossFit is done with high intensity, in which your heart rate becomes very high in no time. For this, different techniques are used. To do CrossFit, 6 skills are needed such as agility, speed, coordination, reaction time and power.

 CrossFit has its own terminology, some of the essentials of which are like:

 Workout: Wods

 AMRAP: As round as possible

 ATG: Ass to Grass or Full Squat

 For time: Seeing how fast you can complete the special (WOD)

 Metcon:  High Intensity Interval Training Workout designed to Increase Metabolic Conditioning Endurance

 CrossFit requires a number of important equipment, which allows for many variations of the exercise to incorporate compound movements.


  1. Gym power rack
  2. Olympic bar bell and weight plateau
  3. Tyre and hammer
  4. Weight bench
  5. Medicine ball or slam ball
  6. Gymnastic rings
  7. Kettlebells
  8. Rope climbing kit
  9. Squat box
  10. Rowing machine or air bike
  11. Dumbbell
  12. Pull up bar


Benefits of CrossFit exercise

 CrossFit exercise helps to increase muscles and physical strength, high intensity power training done in it improves your aerobic fitness. It burns a lot of calories. If a person is 195 lbs then s/he can do this. One can burn 15-18 calories per minute through CrossFit workouts. It is very tiring and your sleep improves with CrossFit.

 Guidance to perform CrossFit


  1. CrossFit is a high intensity workout, so doing it properly can take some time, so it should always be done under expert.


  1. If you do not warm up before starting it or do it incorrectly, then you may have problems with the lower back.


  1. Many people do not focus on this workout. This can increase the chances of injury to the knees and elbows during the workout.


  1. Even after injury to the body, some people do this exercise, which is quite wrong, if you have any physical problem then you should not do this exercise.


  1. Doing it in excess can also be wrong, so under the guidance of a certified expert trainer, one should do as many reps or rounds as prescribed.


  1. Many people do not even drink water in between when they are tired, but while doing CrossFit, one must drink water in between as hydration is important.


  1. While doing this, if there is tension in the muscles, then immediately tell your trainer so that he can give you the right advice.


  1. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the core because it trains the whole body.


  1. Even people who do squats that strengthen their leg muscles daily are not able to do CrossFit exercises easily. After lifting weight in this exercise, the most difficult thing is to maintain balance, so you must start doing it slowly.


  1. One should be patient while doing any exercise, if you are not patient and do it in a haste then your posture deteriorates and instead of getting benefits, you end up having unwanted side effects of the exercise.

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