The Transformation Story of Modern Farmer: Prashant Ashok Ghule

He is a great example of ‘Simple Living modern Thinking’ while intact to his roots. To know the combination of traditional and new age techniques read out his story.

The Transformation Story of Modern Farmer: Prashant Ashok Ghule

I am Prashant Ashok Ghule a 31-year-old from Pune. I have done my graduation from College of Agriculture,Baramati. I have done MBA from MIT college of Management, Pune.

I am a farmer by profession. After completing my graduation in Agriculture and doing Masters in management instead of desk job. I choose the other path, I go with the traditional business i.e. Farming. So basically I represent the Next Generation Farmer of India.

My lifestyle was lethargic before this transformation. I used to eat lots of junk food as I was a foodie.  Now my lifestyle is disciplined and organised. Modern living and thinking while keeping my roots intact to my soul with my profession.

With all the odds in the Farming sector in India, I am standing tall and fighting with it with the combination of new age technologies and our traditional techniques. I have developed my own techniques and ideas to overcome the problems and odds in the most challenging field farming.

I have faced many difficulties in my body transformation as I live in a small village. I did not have even a basic gym at my place. I did not have proper nutritional supplement as it requires for the fat loss and muscle gain as well.

I could not make excuses to overcome form these odds I had to do something so I developed a proper gym at my home with basic required equipment.

Now the time was to solve the problem that was not having proper nutrition diet.

I had to stored nutritional diet in advance as my village is 100 km away from my place.

Apart from two problem third problems was the main problem for me because I live in that area in which no one could not give me guidance for training sessions, diet plans. No one could help me out in this problem because in small areas nobody is educated and aware of fitness.

I had to figure out this problem so I did self-study and research on internet. The available content of bodybuilding on the internet helped me in educating.      

In my profession there are no fixed hours because as a farmer my role is of 24X7. I have to engage all the time. To manage my workout sessions I had to do it whenever I get the free time. If I do not get a chance to workout any day, it is not affect too much because my profession is itself a natural gym.

I have started this journey of being fat to fit many times but every time I started to workout it lasted for maximum one month. When I saw Aamir Khan’s transformation for the character of the movie ‘Dangal’ I felt his transformation journey in my heart. I took inspiration from him and promised myself that one day I transform.

I took the same photograph like Aamir before the transformation and promised myself of taking the same photograph like Aamir took after back to his transformation. I lost 25 kg and I did it in 8 months. My body fat percentage cut down from 35 % to 17 %.

I work on two muscles in one session i.e. one large muscle and one small muscle in the gym with the daily farm heavy physical activities. I do cardio with sprint and kick-boxing duo once in 10 days.

My diet is consists of high protein, ample carbs, green vegetables, eggs, etc.

In the end, I wish to say that if you have determination and dedication no one can stop you from doing anything big. No matter how many obstacles occur in the path you will find a way to figure out the things like I did.

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