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The Story Of Becoming An MMA Fighter: Deepak Harpal Singh

Here is an exclusive interview of an MMA fighter Deepak Harpal Singh in which he talked about his ambitions, failures, success, lifestyle, workout, diet and what not! Watch out his interview.

Deepak is one of the players who made India proud. In fact he is the pride of India. He is 29 years-old from Lucknow and he is a professional MMA fighter.

A player’s passion to win can be seen in the determination they bring to their game.

His story is tremendously amazing. In this interview, you will get to know that how he has found his path and conquered the MMA world with his speechless performances. He hails from a small city but it could not stop him to achieve whatever he had set for him. 

By looking at his entire life, you will get to know that how his immense love for MMA made him a ‘Champion’.

Bodyandstrength.com interviewed an MMA fighter Deepak Harpal Singh in which he talked about his ambitions, failures, success, lifestyle, workout, diet and what not!

1. How did you get in to this sport?

I was interested in wrestling and combat sports since my childhood but didn’t know the way to fulfil my dreams but practice it seeing training videos with some friends. In year, 2012 in super fight league were taking new talents for fight so I applied and then my journey begins in SFI training camp in Nasik under Alan Fernandes and Daniel. I won SFI contenders in 20 second k.o. Then got fight in SFI 33 and won that fight in first round by rear naked choke submission.

2. What is the sports specific workout and their importance in enhancing the performance of the athlete?

Every sport has different approach as far as training is concern. For MMA as a MMA fighter I have to be strong as well as well conditioned and skilled in striking and ground game, so it’s a mixture of cross training for MMA as well as different drills which make the body familiar with the combat movement in fights and BJJ competitions.

3. What is the basic lifestyle of MMA fighter?

My basic life style as MMA fighter- In a fight camp for me at tiger Muay Thai the days starts at 4 am I then start doing basics of that given day (like boxing or kickboxing BJJ etc.),  around 6 I go for a run for an hour then classes starts at 9 am for around 2 to 3 hours in morning and 2 to 3 hours in evening. In diet it’s more about good fresh food I take like usually 5 small meals with eggs and chicken or fish and green veggies. I keep my self-hydrated during workout because in hourly long sessions I sweat so much so I keep my electrolytes up.

4. What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

For me being a fighter is my identity it’s who I am in cage and outside of cage. I have sacrificed so much for it when I started. I was completing my studies (double graduate in biotechnology and arts) My brother and me having conversation in 2009 about my future as I don’t wanted to do job I wanted to persuade my future in combat sports then he asked, "so you decided to become a fighter ?" I said "yes". He said "then be the champion" and after 3 days he died, those where his last words to me, so for me its life until I become the champion I am not thinking about anything else.

5. Do you think MMA has been received well by Indian media and has got its due recognition when it comes to reaching the masses?

If we think in present time when many others sports league are there, currently its getting recognise specially after movie sultan and brothers,I feel that media like yours is currently spreading the words and soon it will be a very big sports in India,

6. Does Indian MMA fighters have the potential and training needed to make on the International front?

OF COURSE Indian MMA fighters have the potential to make it in international fronts but we need more well equipped training centres and coaches to make new talent in right direction for these sports. In India where we have so many boxers so many wrestlers many kick boxers they can make a big career from MMA but they will need places India for that.

7. Are there any special skills needed to compete in the MMA fighting?

MMA, fighting starts from stand-up so one should be able to punch kickboxing and knees as we know as Muay Thai then once you are able to take the opponent on ground certain position such as side control then to mount and strikes from mount position like elbows hammer fist pays major role in a fight on ground, all the ground game consist wrestling and Brazilian Jiujutsu in which submission comes into role where you manipulate joints to make your opponent quit.

These skill sets take thousands of hours to master but that’s the fun. 

It Depends on the opponent and the placement of the fight in cage,there are several techniques fake punch and single leg can make it, if opponent is on the cage then in clinch position by closing distance and taking to the ground or like I have fight in 2016 well timed sweep can easily make opponent on the ground and then the real Jiujitsu begins.

8. Do you fight better when you’re aggressive or focused?

I never fight in aggressive mode it’s not a roadside brawl it a technical game so calm and focused mind is the way to be in and once I get in the desired position (such as mount or side control) as gameplan of that particular fight then I channelize  aggression in my ground game. Aggression can be used as weapon when you have control onit, else it will drain the body.

9. How MMA is different from bodybuilding and what makes it more challenging and exciting?

MMA and bodybuilding are completely different a sport where bodybuilding is how defined and big you can make your body is the goal and in MMA you have to have strength and conditioning and your combat skill in right place.Both have their respective place in sports community it can’t be compared.what makes MMA more exciting  to me is that you go for a war in cage ,the movements ,the flow, the cheers,the crowd ,it’s a complete level of self-expression why you are fighting  and the push and never giving up attitude just like life, MMA and life replicates each other for me.

10. Your latest achievements so far as an MMA fighter.

I have worked in Bombay Velvet with Ranbir Kapoor in fight sequence.

I have become the first Indian MMA fighter who was in Tiger Muaythai Fight Team in 2017. I have got 2nd place in Siam Subseries Jiujutsu Tournament held in Dec in Phuket 2017.

11. What challenges you faced till now in terms of practice and support from the public and government?

AAHH THATS GOOD QUESTION, the main challenge I faced is that the expenditure of training and diet,as government don't support MMA because it not a recognised sports,I have talk to government officials but they were unable to help as its not government recognised sports.I sold my life endurance when I needed money to train and sold my bike back when I was starting training,but then few brands come in front to help me on my goals such as Tiger Muay Thai group 8, iron core fit.I feel what I can do is not to depend on government I am putting my own effort and I will make sure that the championship belt will be in our country in near future.

12. Your message to the nation

They only message which I can give to younger generation and to my nation is that no matter what everyone else say follow your own dreams,put time your thoughts and your action into you goals whatever it is. It’s all about dedication hard work and success (DHS). Life is about celebrating living not existing.

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