The Role of Nutrition in Achieving Fitness Goals by Harsh Arya

I believe life should be approached with a holistic mindset. Understanding the importance of Fitness and Nutrition in life, takes one a long way. Even though just being on a good Nutrition will keep you running well in life, but it is just one side of the coin.

The Role of Nutrition in Achieving Fitness Goals by Harsh Arya

First let’s understand the meaning of Fitness and why it is required in our life. Once you know this, it will help me connect the role of Nutrition towards achieving Fitness Goals. Unless the person values the importance of Fitness, he will not have any optimal Fitness Goals and talking about Nutrition is futile (some may disagree on this, but both are important pillars of life). Mostly, Fitness Goals are short termed to just attain or improve a certain social image; once the goal is achieved everything goes haywire.

We don’t leave watching a movie half way right (unless it is too bad)? But here I am talking about the movie of your life, with Fitness and Nutrition playing the role of main leads. We want to live our life to the fullest; we should strive to achieve our genetic potential bestowed upon us by nature.

 Let’s form the base of Fitness first.

People have varied meanings of being fit e.g.

  • If I am healthy I am fit
  • I am thin so I am fit
  • I play a sport so I am fit
  • I do a certain activity, so I am fit

But what is Fitness exactly?

It is the ability to perform day to day life physical tasks with ease irrespective of age or gender. Does everyone need it? For sure Yes!

Human beings interact with their physical environment on a daily basis, Gravity as an entity forms the basis of that physical interaction. That physical interaction includes walking, running, bending, turning, climbing or doing any physical tasks. Don’t you think the mentioned tasks become difficult as we age?

Fitness will give you that ability to be able to perform such usual tasks by yourself at an older age. Fitness will keep you strong and strength is the basis of life, with strength we can make so many things look easy isn’t it? At the age of 70, if you can get up from a chair without any support just by your own self, wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do things you like doing when you were a child, to achieve your ambitions when you grow older?

I am sure everyone would. Mind you, people feel going to gym and working out is for youngsters, to build muscle and look jacked. Infact, older or middle aged people need to emphasize more on their Fitness. My audience here is the general population, well everyone comes under that bracket because we all are human beings but lie in varied spectrum of age and fitness levels. My goal is to give you guys the perspective towards Fitness.

I want to shake you and wake you, everyone is going to age everyone, no one is invincible unless you are a Superman. No one is stronger than Nature and Time, if you want to get along with them, be Fit. Being Fitwill make your journey towards the end easier and enjoyable. Think of Independence from pain, degeneration, ageing, mental and physical stress. When you are fit everything becomes easy.

Let’s worship this amazing super machine i.e. human being created or rather crafted by nature, let’s give it that respect and care it deserves. The more you care for it the more it will stay with you, you are born with it and you are going to die with it. In between what happens is in your hands, take a step now and unlock the potential of this super genome built through the hardships of our ancestors having lived and survived on this planet for lakhs of years. Setting Fitness Goals are more so important now than at any other time; our ancestors used to do physical hardships and didn’t use to sit in a chair all day long or live a sedentary lifestyle.

With advent of modernization, industrialization and more businesses coming up; with money centric life becomes the apex of human nature or behavior. Our ability to perform efficiently has taken a back seat, I want you all to take charge of your life and drive your life ahead yourself. Along with Financial Investment; Physical Investment is equally more so important. Fitness will give you that ability. Period! Remember being fit is not only for athletes, we are athletes for life.

Ok enough of my rhetoric on Physical Performance. Let’s connect the dots to link of Nutrition to Fitness.

To organize fitness goals without administering nutrition is performing just half the necessary task. Through proper nutrition, an individual can change the chemistry of his body and elevate its Fitness to some other level. You must be reminded that we are dealing with a machine that requires a top grade of fuel and lots of it. This, then, is nutrition as it applies to the super species - the heavy duty machines of humanity, homo-sapiens in his highest physical stage of evolution – the athlete.

If I may ask you, why do you put the highest quality fuel in your car? Why not a cheaper fuel? Why do you give the most suitable food to your pets and why not to yourself? You will never see a Lion eating grass or an elephant eating meat. Why? Because they chose the way Nature has derived for them, through their evolution on this planet. The word Nutrition is synonymous to Nourishment, if we want to make a seedling grow into a plant we nourish it by providing it the most suitable environment or conditions to evolve or grow.

To create the most suitable environment in our body for maximal performance we need nutrition clubbed with optimal Fitness approach. This will do 3 things: Enhance your physical ability, combat ageing, and improve your quality of life. This is not a short term thing; this should be a lifestyle and our utmost moral duty towards ourselves. Is it a compulsion? No, you are the owner of your life so do what you want to. But for sure it has loads of benefits which you will feel every day. Follow below steps:


  • Understand your current Fitness Levels from a domain expert
  • Get your Fitness Plan designed with specific Short, Medium and Long Term Goals
  • Remember, you are doing this for yourself and only you will reap its benefits
  • This is a change in lifestyle, so build gradually till it become part of your life
  • Celebrate your Success with your loved ones and motivate them too


  • Understand what is the most optimal nutrition, don’t go for “Diets”
  • Eat the most optimal food, which improves your daily life performance
  • Make slow changes to your lifestyle and don’t just look to attain for a specific body image
  • Don’t look at your body weight; there are other major factors of weight assessment (Bone Density, Muscle Mass – You lose Fat in inches)
  • Get your plan made from a good nutritionist or learn yourself
  • Remember what you eat makes you or breaks you from inside out, the choice is yours

Optimal Fitness and Nutrition allows the heart and lungs to perform better, entire Musculo-Skeletal System to perform better, provides you with optimal body composition. Optimal Fitness & Nutrition helps builds muscle faster, quick recovery from injuries, enhances ability to perform a ny physical task, handling of physical and mental exertions more effectively, makes you more sustainable. By regulating nutrition one can assure himself/herself of utilizing all the foods he/she takes in more efficiently.

A combination of above will take you to your physical potential. This is a must, doesn’t matter you have time or not. The rest lies in your hand, how you want to take your life forward from the time now. People say what difference it makes; everyone is going to die anyway. Yes, that is true but surviving and thriving has a lot of difference (see dictionary if you need help). You will not understand unless you yourself don't see the difference by applying its principles. Medical industry has been a boon for us; I thank all the medical professionals for curing me when I was ill. But I don’t give myself over to them completely; I decided to take charge of my life. Doesn’t matter what Fitness Goals you have general or specific, optimal Nutrition has its role to take you from point A to B quicker. Like the difference between a Ferrari and some other 1000 cc vehicle. You have both the options, which one you will use to reach to your destination? Answer is that simple.

We have adapted to the current form of homosapiens, through millions of years of evolution. We are a form of animal like other animals, per se just more civilized and colonized. But we need to respect that time period through which we have survived in nature. Nature is kind but tough too and it’s all about the Charles Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fittest. Due to misuse by human beings, nature is going to get harsher on us; nature has its own way of balancing. I will just say one word here “Optimize your life”.

The point is simple, we need to understand and realize our genome, how we have survived over millions of years through physical interaction and eating the most suitable food or nutrient our body is designed for, which is what has shaped us today. Let’s be with nature again, nature is our biggest ally in the reign of ourlife on this planet. Fitness and Nutrition is the way of life, everything happens as a byproduct once you start applying scientific principles. Just start within your capacity whatever you can and build from there. Remember everyone big started small somewhere and a small spark can light the entire jungle. What you need is a start. You want to be your optimal best, take Nutrition and Fitness along they are your best friends on this journey called life. Do you want to just survive or live optimally? I leave you all with this question and leave the job of finding its answer to your fine judgment. Remember answer is within you, find it and start living.

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