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The Power Bank of Power Lifting – Vikram Singh Phogat

This video coverage is power-packed with Vikram Singh Phogat’s insights and knowledge on powerlifting. Not only this he demonstrates how to do squats, bench press and deadlift elaborating every detail, you might have missed before. Do not miss this video to enthuse power in your game!

Vikram Singh Phogat has several powerlifting championships to his credit and being an achiever, he wishes to share his knowledge and experience with you first hand on bodyandstrength.com. He has achieved many feats to be in this position when emerging powerlifters and weightlifters look up to him for guidance.

In this video, Vikram Singh Phogat unveils the basic powerlifting workouts. He lets you know how to power up your squats in the first place. But before that he says, that he start with taking BCAA by Eugenics Nutrition which not only enhances his performance but also helps him boost his stamina. He then fastens back support belt and wrist bands to keep himself injury proof and in correct posture throughout the workout.

While doing squats he instructs to keep your legs a little wide apart. Breathing in and taking the weights down and breathing out while coming up in a straight posture. While standing squeeze your glutes. This is how squats are done in right posture. You must increase weight with each increasing set to derive maximum out of this workout. Still you have to be in sync with your capacity and not overdo it if you are a beginner.

Next exercise is Bench Press. Good bench press requires proper preparation, positioning, grip and execution. Once in control of the bar, move it so that it comes directly over your chest. Look straight up at the ceiling and not at the bar. Breathe in through the nose and lower the weight down slowly towards your chest and then while breathing out, take it back to the starting position. Your wrists should be neutral and straight throughout the movement. Do not let the bar drop because of gravity, instead practice control of the motion while bringing the weights down. Vikram lets you know the techniques for a good bench press in a simple manner.

The last compound workout which Vikram Phogat demonstrates for super strength training is a deadlift. It is again done with a loaded barbell and is the best strength gaining exercise for the lower body. Here also, you need to be in the good form and maintain it throughout the workout. See how Vikram Singh Phogat performs it and you will know the rest without any doubts!

Vikram Phogat uses Eugenics Nutrition products both pre and post workout. He emphasizes that the quality of the product is thoroughly up to the standards. No doubt, as we see how Eugenics Nutrition has supported its ambassadors and athletes in their powerlifting, bodybuilding and overall fitness journey, we believe every word which Vikram said.

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