The perfect forearm exercise: 5 best exercises

While doing workout people generally focus on few major muscles like Biceps, Legs, Triceps, Back, and other muscles, but we forget about some small muscles which play a major role in building these muscles. One of such muscles is Forearms (wrists). It is very important to focus on the forearms and wrists as they help in doing other major exercises. So I have compiled 5 major forearm and wrist exercises that will help in strengthening them. You just need to add these to your workout schedule and repeat it twice a week and you will get amazing results.

The perfect forearm exercise: 5 best exercises

During the workout, we really work hard on building our Biceps, Triceps, Back, and other muscles but usually do not focus on our forearms. People don't generally understand that training forearms are as important as training any other muscles. The reason why we should focus on our forearms is that while doing exercises we use a lot of support of our forearms and wrists, which means it is very important for our forearm and wrist to be strong. So it becomes really important to do the forearms exercise twice a week. I will tell you some simple exercises using which you can strengthen your forearms.

The first exercise in this process is Pronation & Supination-

In this exercise, you need to stand straight, tighten your core, and keep your elbow fix. For this, hold your dumbbell from the side and rotate your wrist alternatively inside and outside, holding it for 2 seconds on each side. You have to do 20 repetitions with 3 sets on each hand to get good results.

The second exercise is Wrist Curl & Reverse Wrist Curl-

For this exercise, you'll be needing a rod and a platform to keep your hands. Your hands should be less apart than your shoulders. To start the exercise, put the rod on your fingers and slowly rotate your wrist to bring the bar up while squeezing your forearms and breathe out. When you complete 10 repetitions of this rotate your wrist and hold the rod in the reverse direction, make sure your palms are facing downwards and repeat the same movement, this is called reverse wrist curl. You have to do wrist curl and reverse wrist curl 10 repetitions each to complete one set, and you have to do 3 sets to get good results.

The third exercise is Ulnar & Radial Deviation-

For this, you need to stand straight while chest tight, hold the dumbbell right in front of your shoulder, making a right angle between your hand and body. While keeping your elbow locked, you need to move your wrist upward and downward, holding each position for 2 seconds. You have to perform 20 repetitions and 3 sets from both hands.

The fourth exercise is Reverse Barbell Curl-

To do this exercise make your core tight and lift your chest. Hold the barbell and make sure the distance between your hands is less than the distance between your shoulders and palms downwards. Now starting from your elbows straight slowly bend your elbows while pulling the barbell upwards until you completely squeeze the forearms and your elbows are completely bent, and then slowly go downwards. The motion should be in a very controlled way and make sure you don’t bend. The number of repetitions for this should be 15 and 3 sets should be performed.

The fifth exercise is Paper Rubbing-

This exercise sounds really easy but is very effective for your forearms, this exercise can be done as a finisher exercise. Place your hands on your thighs and hold a paper in your hand, now start rubbing your thumb and your index finger. This rubbing gives a nice movement in your forearms and pumps it, making it very effective exercise. You can do this exercise for 2-3 minutes.

These exercises might sound easy but have great results, so make sure you add these exercises in your daily workout routine to get strong forearms and wrists.

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