Testosterone: Importance and Functions

Many male athletes take testosterone as supplementation. Even non-athletes have been found deficient in this hormone. How does it work? Can we get it from food? When should one take it as a supplementation? This articles answers all testosterone related questions.

Testosterone: Importance and Functions

Testosterone increases the development of male sexual strength and is related to sexual function, blood circulation, and muscle strength, concentration, mood, and memory. Your anger may be one of the symptoms of lack of this hormone, more angry or irritable a man, people may understand that it is the office pressure of stress getting on your nerves. They might round off all the possible reasons but science says that all this happens because of testosterone deficiency. This hormone has been found to help in exercise performance by increasing your stamina. If going for a supplementary product, one can trust a credible brand like Onelife. Testosterone is not a mainstream supplement in the industry because its role is underrated in building muscles. People often forget that more stamina makes it easier for you to get through a good workout grill and increases your capacity to do more. Hence, better results!

A balanced diet is not only essential for health, but it is also necessary for increasing fertility and for the correct level of testosterone. Married lives are also being destroyed due to the work of testosterone level. This is very dangerous to think about. Before deciding on this factor, one must consult a certified physician. If you want to increase the level of testosterone, then it is very important to have the right diet, in addition to it, one should neither take stress nor eat too much sweet and fried food. Let's see what kind of right food can help you with your testosterone levels.

  1. Bananas - Bananas are also called sex food. Because it contains a lot of magnesium and protein along with vitamins A, C and B.
  2. Kasturi - If you are fond of eating sea food, then it is very important for you. It contains a lot of zinc and magnesium, which is a mineral. They play a major role in increasing the testosterone star in the body.

  3. Nuts and Beans - To get good results, consume them. It contains minerals like zinc which increases male hormones.
  4. Eggs - Do not worry about cholesterol in eggs because it will not increase your LDL. If you want to increase male hormones then definitely eat eggs.
  5. Milk - Calcium and protein are very important nutrients for your body and bones. This substance also contains vitamin D, which balances the testosterone star. You can also use lactose milk.
  6. Cashew - A study has proved that the consumption of cashew nuts for a short time increases the testosterone star. Consuming a handful of cashew nuts daily can be quite beneficial for you.

  7. Garlic and Onion - Garlic has a lot of vitamin B4 and selenium which increases libido. It contains a type of chemical that helps to improve the circulation of blood in sexual organs. To balance it out, onion is also rich in many nutrients. Onion is very effective in keeping the genitals healthy.
  8. Vitamin diet - Eat fruits and vegetables that have high levels of vitamins, because it will increase your matching hormones. Foods such as brown rice, sea food, avocado, green vegetables and meats are rich in vitamins. It is also effective in balancing your hormones.
  9. Pomegranate juice and pineapple - It increases the level of male hormones by increasing sperm count. Drinking pomegranate juice has many benefits such as it increases the sperm count, removes erectile dysfunction and affects the activity and concentration of sperm. In the case of pineapple, there is more bromelain in this fruit, which helps the mellows grow. This increases male sexual ability. So make sure to include daily pineapple juice in your diet.

People who are prescribed by physicians to take supplements bevause of imbalanced diet or non-availability of proper diet, have a healthy option of supplementing with quality products available in the market. Athletes who wish to increase their performance are also advised to take apt supplementation. In this case, quality products from a trusted brand like Onelife's Testo Fuel can help you boost your stamina and you would notice a considerable difference in your performance and results after a course of its use.

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