Terrific Transformation of Sharmila Bhattacharya

Like most of the other Indian women her fitness health was on stake. But it is an interesting story how she got back her life on the track.

Terrific Transformation of Sharmila Bhattacharya

Like most of the women in India, for Sharmila also marriage was on the cards as soon as she passed high school examinations, if not on an active mode then on a passive one. It is somewhere the innate desire of most of the conventional people in the society to get the girl in the family ‘settled’ as early as possible. Previously, she led an active and adventurous lifestyle and had a passion for trekking and mountaineering. She wished to achieve her dreams and make a career in this field only. But life had other plans for her as she got married and had to face sudden responsibilities of practical day to day life.

She joined corporate job and for about 11 years she worked for top corporate like HCL, Gillete, etc.  After giving birth to her daughter, she started gaining weight and getting disproportionate. Her sedentary work life was also responsible for her obesity. Her self-confidence and self-esteem got at stake. She looked 10 years older than her age. The water started flowing over the head for her and she decided to join gym for losing some weight and getting her life and health on track. 

Her journey started 6 years back when she was 76kgs. She was never interested in fitness but joined gym only to lose some weight. She was a simple woman working and taking care of the home front at the same time. Within 8 months, she lost about 16 kgs. The weight-loss was rather slow because she went to gym and made herself enjoy the process more with gym friends while exercising. She wasn’t that serious about transforming herself until after 8 months when she discovered that the change has eventually come and she has started looking and feeling better because of regular exercises. Now, she resolved to do it better for herself and her life. She became inclined towards building muscles as the weight she lost, would come back if she stopped working on her body. Moreover, muscle mass helps gaining strength. She was all prepared to get transformed with targeted workouts and proper nutrition. She became addicted to her new routine. Another year and she was fully transformed with a figure of a fitness model!

To concentrate on her newly found passion, she left her corporate job and decided to make her career in fitness industry only. Life took a major turn and she started competing in various bodybuilding competitions. She has won many titles and right now she is a Fitness Manager at Anytime Fitness.

As 42-year-old extremely fit mom Sharmila Bhttacharya puts it, “My journey was not easy. I had to go through a lot of pain because of the extreme workout schedule and very strict diet. But these hurdles were nothing compared to the comments I heard from people at the gym as well as from my friend circle. All through the process, I had a strong family support which never let me stop.”

Basic workout schedule:

Her morning starts with a 30 minutes cardio. Then later in the day, she hits the gym for strength training. She usually does 2 body parts in a day.

Basic diet:

She is always on a strict diet. She has 6 to 7 meals a day which is high on protein, moderate on carbs and low on fat. Daily dosage of vitamins and calcium are essential for


* Ms. Delhi

* Ms. Uttar Pradesh

* Ms. North India

* Ms. India

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