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Ten Postpartum - Recovery Tips For All The New Mamas

Your body is your temple and it has undergone a drastic change, prepping it for what’s next (breastfeeding) & reclaiming its strength is a significant process. The first six weeks after your delivery is considered to be the “recovery period” or the “fourth trimester”. No matter how cakewalk your pregnancy was, the postpartum recovery period is indispensable for you.

Ten Postpartum - Recovery Tips For All The New Mamas

You might experience vaginal bleeding, sore perineum, abdominal cramps, troubles while urinating, constipated stomach & others like leaky breast or achy back (which might stick around for long). To ease the pain and to get started try postpartum recovery program.

10 Tips to Accelerate Your Postpartum Recovery

The following tips will help you to pace up your recovery, and to improve your vigor and vitality.

Vaginal bleeding: Postpartum bleeding is a conventional process, sanitary pads will come in handy (not tampons) and doctor-approved menstrual cups. In case of excessive bleeding, call your doctor.

Healing the sore Perineum: Perineum pain might take up to a week or two to heal. Try using a cold pack every couple of hours or chilled witch hazel pads. Try warm sitz baths for 20 minutes a few times a day. Pain relievers like acetaminophen can ease the pain. Go for cotton underpants in order to provide the utmost comfort to your delicate area.

Perform Kegel exercises: To strengthen your pelvic muscles and treat urinary incontinence.

Care for your scar: If you had a C-section, gently apply mild soap and water to clean it (in particular don’t scrub, if the incision is closed with steri strips or glue). Try doctor-approved pain relievers to manage incision pain.

Postpartum exercises: Physical movements like walking might help with bowel movements and might as well prevent blood clots. Try standing against a wall or support, raising your arms and gently stretching them until you feel muscles in your belly, hold for 5 seconds, and then relax.

Postnatal yoga: This might increase milk production, and will provide you with the deepest sense of relaxation. Practicing yoga will also help in reducing muscle tension, anxiety, and depression. Savasana pose will restore your body. A child’s pose will increase your blood flow and will restore your abdomen

Never forget that purpose behind practicing yoga is to ease your pain and discomfort, your body is not ready for intensity. Don’t be hard on yourself!

Hydration: Reimburse the water you lost during delivery and the one you lose when you nurse your child.  Every day 8 glasses of water is a must.

Breast Engorgement: The application of moist warm towels to your breast for 2-5 minutes before nursing has proven helpful. Be kind to yourself, gentle massages before and after breastfeeding. Try applying ice to your breast after nursing to relieve the discomfort.

Nutrition & Diet plans: Food is our fuel, new mamas need to focus their nutrition and diet around protein, fiber-rich carbs, fruits, and veggies. Veggies with hummus is a good combo, to begin with, yogurt and a handful of your favorite berries work just fine. Caffeine and alcohol are a strict NO!

Doctor on call: Your doctor’s appointment is an essential step of the process, not only medically but your doc can also check in with you emotionally and might guide and help you adjust to the whole scenario of being a mom. Also, let your doctor know if you are experiencing any severe postpartum symptoms like bleeding, pain, or discomfort around the incision.

PS: Nothing in this world in comparison to the joy of being a MOM, this journey of 9 months with your little one gave you a new perspective on life. Your body and your baby both need to be heard and seen all the time, be gentle and kind with yourself. You have got this!

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