Tejal Kadam: The Bikini Athlete didn't Always have that Body!

“I love being active. It gives me a sense of energy and empowerment”, says Tejal, a digital marketing personnel turned fitness model! Read her story and get inspired.

Tejal Kadam: The Bikini Athlete didn't Always have that Body!

Tejal Ramkrishna Kadam is a 24-year-old fitness model, who always loved working out. She always aspired to do something in training and nutrition, something which would enhance her personality and at the same time inspire people to do good about their health and lifestyle around fitness. She is also a personal trainer.

When she was a baby she used to cry and crib about things happening to her and complain why things just happen to her. But with time her mindset changed. She now feels that challenges are gift because each time she faces difficulty, she goes through it like a pro and generate a sense of value.

Tejal started this journey when she was working in a media job and she used to travel, to work, changing two local trains and miles of walking too. In spite of that she managed to workout intensively and cook her own meals and keep up with the energy to do all her work every single day. Emotionally she has overcome lot many childhood traumas and converted those traumas into a way of fulfilling her dreams.

Tejal was working a 9-5 desk job post Digital Marketing Diploma, gave her money but did not give her the peace and the body that she always dreamt of. That was when she realised, being in four walls, she won’t be able to excel in fitness. She knew and believed; she was meant for being in a fitness lifestyle. During her college days she accidentally got into powerlifting games and loved the whole part of competing. She was into dancing prior to working out in the gym, which also involved a certain level of fitness and flexibility. 

Tejal decided to shift her training from powerlifting to weight training, hence took a decision to compete into bikini contest to experience what it actually takes to get body fat percent down and train with a purpose. Started her preparation from a local gym and she seemed out to the best coach in the industry, Mr. Viraj Sarmalkar recognised her efforts and he started training her. She enjoyed the process of transforming herself into an altogether different personality. She has witnessed the magic one can create in life just by finding oneself and becoming the best possible version as a person. The whole process of becoming the “new you” requires one to be consistent, disciplined, committed with a lot of patience and most importantly never ever giving up in any situation.

Here she shares her basic workout regime:

I play women’s bikini bodybuilding so my training is quite structured as per the sport. I train glutes and hamstrings 3 times a week. One upper-body session with back and shoulders. Everyday 40mins of cardio is a must.  Sundays are always rest days.

Here she shares her basic diet:

My diet is usually high in protein and I eat carbs in my post workout meal. I have my multivitamins, fish oil with every meal. Every Sunday I manage to take a free meal. I am obsessed with salads and veggies so my plate is always full with colourful veggies. My Instagram stories are quite famous for my meal pictures.

With regards to time management to stay fit, Tejal says, “It’s been a lifestyle about eating clean food and working out everyday for an hour atleast. I can’t imagine my life lazing around and not doing any physical activity. I love being active. It gives me a sense of energy and empowerment. This field is my profession, I train people and also, I am an athlete so I have to maintain this lifestyle throughout. The best part is I enjoy it and that’s howI  manage to spread the word

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    Firstly Correction Viraj Sarmalkar didn’t recognise her as stated in your article Secondly she is the one who approached him for diet and thought with it would get a free session of training Once realising tht isn’t happening she tried to woo him so she could get ahead in the fitness industry thinking she could associate herself with a Name in the fitness industry called Viraj Sarmalkar It’s his wife who have Tejal a stern warning to stick to her fitness and not ruin a marriage just for the sake of free training and diets Please get your facts right before publishing it

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