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Tanny Bhattacharjee : Yoga is the Change itself!

This transformation story is about transforming yourself to lead a sustainable fit life. Whether in the gym or out of it – wherever you are or wherever your circumstances take you, you absorb Yoga inside your life in a way that you never again trip off your balance!

Tanny Bhattacharjee : Yoga is the Change itself!

Body and Strength world Yoga Day featured Tanny Bhattacharjee among others in yoga asanas which will help relieve pain. Very few people know that yoga, its asanas and stretches bring a balance and strength to your body that it forms a strong foundation for other strength training exercises as well. Yoga is for overall strength of your body, mind and spirit taken together and forms protective mesh around you which wards off stress and depression in life!

Tanny Bhattacharjee is a 30 years old Yoga Trainer based out of Bangalore. She is Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga trainer, holds a Diploma in Yoga Therapy apart from her Bachelor degree in Business Management from Bangalore University.

She decided to transform and lead a healthy and fit lifestyle immediately after she completed her Yoga Teacher’s training in the year 2016.

She admitted that most intimidating challenge she faced was making and managing “time”. But she soon prioritized her fitness and time followed. Her passion towards fitness made it very easy for her to make time for it. She cut down some unnecessary time consuming activities like watching TV etc. and she put into a constant practice.

Her workout schedule says a lot about her will-power. She begins with morning pranayama and some inversions as she needs to do those while being completely empty stomach. In the evenings, she does cardio workout, yoga flow, running, HIIT and a lot of stretching exercises.

It might sound strange but Tanny does most of her workout at home! She can do so much on her mat. She says that these days, she does miss running outdoors but she does cardio workout at home as she can’t go out. She does yogasanas, warm-ups, skipping and dance workout within her home premises. This kind of routine is anywhere, anytime kind of routine which keeps you active and refreshed whole day. 

She says that she stopped eating junk, deep fried and started avoiding sugar consumption, focusing more on whole food items, vegetables, fruits and protein rich food items which is the basic to start a fitness regimen. She clearly, keeps it simple for others to understand the importance of healthy and clean diet.

When asked about her inspiration, she said that she idolizes Disha Patani when it comes to fitness. 

She stated that there hasn’t been much of difference as she wasn’t that overweight when she began exercising and nutritious diet regimen. She came down to 3-4 kg but her body underwent a considerable toning and stamina build-up which was her goal!

In her message to the girls out there she says, “Make time for fitness in your daily routine, if not every day then at least 4 to 5 days a week. Any form of workout, anything that excites you and take good care of your diet and by diet I mean eating the right food and cutting off junk and fast food.”

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