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Suspension Training Benefits that will Make You a Believer

A new approach to improve muscle strength, mass and functional performances in older adults? How about making the best use of suspension training, considering it an innovation? This article enlists the benefits of suspension training.

Suspension Training Benefits that will Make You a Believer

Suspension training has become hugely popular over the last few years. More and more people are gravitating to the suspension area of the gym and joining in on suspension classes. 

Its training straps can be found in most gyms and even the homes of people who use them often.

Popular suspension equipment is the TRX and the yoga sling.

These come with special features for home use and can be hooked to the door and used.

 Benefits of suspension training 

  1. Core focus 

 Your core is more than your abdominal muscles. It includes your pelvis, abs, back, and chest. 

The muscles that comprise your core are have to make adjustments to keep you grounded every second that you are working out. 

A strong tight core will also allow you to develop the abdominal muscles that are the envy of so many people.

  1. Variety

The suspension trainer allows for a huge variety of exercise options.

The unit only consists of two adjustable bands, yet provides an engaging workout for every muscle group in your body.

Facing away from the unit allows you to engage in pushing type movements which are ideal for the chest and shoulders. 

  1. Suitability to all levels

Suspension training is accessible for all fitness levels. 

Beginners can start with a light resistance level by positioning their body in a more upright position. 

  1. Improved balance and coordination.

When you exercise with traditional resistance training equipment, you are usually moving through a pre - defined range of motion. 

Using suspension, the chest press targets the pectoral muscles alone, because you are simply pushing along a preset groove. You don't need to pull in any stabilization or balancing muscles.

  1. Portability

Your suspension system will fit easily into the corner to your suitcase, ready to provide a great workout wherever you happen to be.

It will attach to any standard door and will not leave a mark. 

  1. Improves cardiovascular fitness

The exertion required to maintain core stability and balance is also cardiovascular in nature.

Another way to ramp up the cardio benefits of suspension training is to vary the pace at which you perform the exercise.

  1. Low impact 

Many traditional exercise options have a jarring impact on the body. 

The suspension trainer is gentle on your joints, you are suspended in mid-air when you are doing the exercises.

 It is an ideal option for people who are recovering from injury. It will allow you to perform flexibility full range of motion and dynamic moves to slowly strengthen the injured area without presenting any further risk to injury. 

It is time that you include suspension training in your workout regimen and bring about a welcome change to your muscles.

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