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Suspension Training: A Foolproof Way To Improve Muscle Strengths

The article sums up the benefits of Suspension Training. It is said that suspension training employs gravity as resistance to increases the strength of muscles to a great extent. Read further to know more.

Suspension Training: A Foolproof Way To Improve Muscle Strengths

The art of climbing ropes, or climbing walls or hanging from support to perform physical activities; goes back centuries in human history. But putting quantified research and scientific process to start a unique genre of training is just more than a decade old.

In suspension training, as the name suggests we keep our body in an unbalanced position while one end of the body is suspended through a rope or band like equipment. The most popular form of suspension training is through TRX straps. 

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” It came true for the US Marines in the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to a lack of other equipment, they started experimenting with parachute straps for various exercises. But Randy Hetrick kept the research work going after the war and came up with the first TRX straps.

The concept of suspension training is not too complicated. Here we use our body weight as the resistance to perform exercises. The regression and progression depends on 3 basic laws

  • The base of support vector (Distance while standing from anchor point)
  • Pendulum (Position of the body in lying position with the anchor point

By adjusting these rules we can increase or decrease the workout intensity.

The most common question that I have encountered while training both clients and trainers on Suspension Training, is whether this training method is for every fitness level or not. The answer for everyone out there is YES 

The first and foremost thing we have to understand is Suspension training band is equipment. Just like we can perform all kind of workout goals with a dumbbell, right from hypertrophy to rehab, similarly by understanding the fitness and goal of the participant we can design work out on a suspension trainer.

The benefits of suspension training are immense. But to name a few unique ones are as follows:-

  • First and foremost is the portability of the equipment. We can set it up anywhere with a mounting surface.
  • The structure of the equipment allows the participants to move freely in all 3planes
  • As the body stays in an unbalanced condition, any given Workout on a suspension trainer amplifies the involvement of core muscles.
  • A huge possibility of movement patterns depending on the goal of participants. Can be used for hypertrophy, strength building, rehabilitation, sports specific drills.

As fitness professional, we need to have a basic understanding of suspension training to both regress and progress our clients through their fitness goals. Either a complete routine only on suspension trainer or incorporating few movements with traditional weight training to feel that killer burn…suspension Training will never let u down.

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