Suruchi Gupta: A Computer Engineer’s Transformation from ‘IT’ to ‘FIT’

She is a computer engineer with a settled job but when she started failing her life’s purpose because of her unhealthy habits, she decided to take a u-turn and give her health goals the priority they deserved. Lo behold! A transformation which can inspire many.

Suruchi Gupta: A Computer Engineer’s Transformation from ‘IT’ to ‘FIT’

I am Suruchi Gupta, a Computer Engineer who works with an IT firm as a Business Development Manager. I am also an Online Certified Fitness Trainer. I have been into fitness since last 5 years and it is now a way of life for me.

I was not always like this, it took me a lot of determination and efforts to look this fit, feel this healthy and be able to motivate others to do the same. Previously, my life was very boring. I felt lethargic having 9 to 6 monotonous job schedule. I would just eat anything, eating out often and wouldn’t bother about its consequences whatsoever.

Being in IT job, I was working on desk from 9-6 and certainly in a span of 2-3 years, I started gaining weight, there was a point at which I got frustrated and was unhappy about my physical appearance so I decided to hit the gym and from there my journey began!

But today, the picture has changed, now I am more playful at work, it feels relaxed, I am always enthusiastic. I eat carefully, and have certain goal in life related to my health. I motivate people and most importantly, ‘I Love Myself’.

Daily, I faced a new challenge and these challenges make me stronger. There were many incidents. I was not at all supported in the gym by trainers and people around me as they have a perception in mind that girls are meant for cardio and lifting is not their cup of tea. To maintain consistency with so much negativity around me was the most challenging part in my transformation

My Workout Schedule

I do little cardio and heavy weight training 6 days a week.

Sundays are rest days or sometimes I go for ground running.

My Diet Schedule

I try to fulfill my body with good nutrition. I eat healthy home food. I intake 5-6 diets in a day with full measurement of carbs, protein and fats in each diet according to my daily body needs.

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