Surin Sengar: Work even when Nobody is Watching, Be Self-Motivated!

Surin Sengar’s transformation story will make you understand the importance of dedication and hard work to achieveyourfitness goal. His amazing story will inspire lot of people who want to become fit.

Surin Sengar: Work even when Nobody is Watching, Be Self-Motivated!

Surin Sengar has been a sports enthusiast from a very young age. He studied in a residential school (Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer) which had a challenging routine and being physically fit was one of the major agendas. He is so grateful to the institution for making him learn the importance of physical fitness and how it is entwined with mental health. Things took a steep turn when Surin chose boxing as a primary sport and it allowed him to take his fitness/strength up a notch. There’s one person who had an influence on his journey and it’s Muhammad Ali.

Surin decided to transform after he passed out from his school (2010). He decided to put on some muscle because he was really lean prior to that. There was no direction when he started his journey. Just like any other young college going dude, trying to draw some eyeballs, he only focussed on the upper body which put his body out of proportion.

He comes from a place where learning things the hard way was the only option. Make a mistake and learn from it. The other point was that he had the assumption that when working out, one can eat whatever one wants (literally had zero knowledge about nutrition) which is not the case and because of that he was unable to achieve the physique he really wanted. Well, that was the beauty of it. One gets frustrated and start looking for alternate ways to hit the mark, to break the plateau.

The third and the biggest challenge was to remain motivated, because at that time there was no Instagram or Snapchat wherein one can check out a few folks and get motivated or something to look forward to. That was the biggest life lesson for him, that one has to make up motivation when there’s nothing left and work when nobody is watching.

Here he shares his basic workout regime

It usually consists of strength training (Push, pull, legs), and Functional Training for 2 days followed by a rest day.

Here he shares his basic diet

I don’t overcomplicate it. I usually eat home cooked food (Mix of healthy macros and micros). 80% of my plate consists of vegetables, mostly leafy and greens.

With regards to time management to stay fit, Surin says, “To be honest, I never faced difficulty in taking time out for work outs. I follow the simple mantra - If I am working in the morning then I will workout in the evening and if I am working in the night then I will workout in the morning or afternoon. I don’t care if it’s hot, cold or it’s raining. Something which needs to be done, needs to be done.

In his message Surin says, “In my last 12-13 years, I have seen that everyone irrespective of gender has this thought of starting their fitness regime. To be honest, starting isn’t the hardest part. We have a new fresh start everyday. But most of us fail because we fail to embrace the change in our lifestyle every day. It’s hard to keep going, hard to train, eat right and to drink so much water. It takes a decision everyday,  even when you don’t feel like it, don’t have time or whatever the excuse. Most of us kick the idea of being physically fit on its face citing unwarranted reasons in the form of busy schedules and stressful lifestyles. We forget that being physically healthy is as important as being super busy. We have to build habits that we can execute everyday without thinking. It’s so simple but it’s not easy. Trust me our mind is strong enough to rationalise any excuse. We just have to make small changes (drink 2-3 litres of water, eat more veggies, eat protein in every meal, strength train 3-4 days, sleep for 7-9 hours) in our lifestyle and things will start falling into places.”

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