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Supersets: Super-powerful Way to Build Super Muscles

Supersets seem more complicated than they are. They are fun, bring variety plus are great for hypertrophy. Time to ditch your mundane workouts for power packed supersets. This article lists out 4 most effective supersets you must include in your routine!

Supersets: Super-powerful Way to Build Super Muscles

Supersets train two different sets of muscles at one time. They can be done simultaneously rep-wise or set-wise. If you are trying superset for the first time, make sure you use right weight and do not exhaust yourself in just lifting, pay more attention to the technique and form while doing any exercise. Before doing the following workouts, it is important to warm-up whole of your body. Warm up routine may from treadmill and stretching, moving on to doing basic single muscle exercise (one set of 10-15 reps each) which include, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and squats.

Superset 1

Supersets: Super-powerful Way to Build Super Muscles

Target Muscles: Chest and Back

Chest Press | Bent over Barbell Row | 4 sets X 15 reps

While doing chest press, make sure that the bar should come up at the center of the chest.  So keep in mind that you should do in the same manner and also in terms of breathing you need to make sure when you’re pushing it out breath out. To perform the exercise understanding of movement and getting breath in place are important.

For performing the bent over Barbell Row the grip should be solid, feet and shoulder should be apart. Keeps your legs slightly bent and back should be straight and bent your upper body forward. Bent down and keep the lower back tight so the chances of injury can be eliminated. Pull the bar towards the chest and pause for two seconds.  The breathing pattern for this exercise is to breathe out when you pull it and while releasing it, stretching it, breathe in and the grip for performing this exercise can be supinated or pronated. This exercise is beneficial in lower back problems.

Superset 2

Supersets: Super-powerful Way to Build Super Muscles

Target Muscles: Bicep and Tricep

Cable Hammer Curl | Bench Dip | 4 sets X 16 reps

Cable curl is one of the effective isolation exercises to build forearms and biceps. It targets the brachioradialis and brachialis along with the deltoids and the trapezius muscles. Apart from forearms it also strength the upper body. It can also improve the grip as you grip the rope tightly inward.

When you perform the cable hammer curl grip the rope with your palms facing you and stand straight up shoulders back.Keep the arch natural of your back and still your torso.Place your elbow by your side and keep them still during the whole movement.Pull your forearms up by using your biceps until your forearms will not touch your biceps.Focus on squeezing your biceps. Then bring the weight back to the starting position.

Bench dips work for the back of the arms. This exercise can be performed in three levels. Beginners should start with level 1 so they can start doing it smoothly so later they can perform all the levels. You can progress up with all levels. Grab the bench and palms should face the down.Here are three levels of bench dip:

Level 1: Keep your legs bent, butts off to the bench but right up against it. Upper arms parallel to the floor. On coming back the back of the arm is going to be squeeze. Now perform triceps bench dip up and down.

Level 2: Bring your legs out little bit and stay your butts close to the bench. Almost the process is similar to the level 1. Come up and down squeezing.

Level 3: It’s the hardest one; you up on your heels for this level. Heels, legs and knees should be straight. Now come up and down squeezing your triceps. When you come up and down your abs would be tight.

Superset 3

Supersets: Super-powerful Way to Build Super Muscles

Target Muscles: Shoulder and Back

Parallel Bar Dips and T-Bar Row | 4 sets X 15-20 reps each

Bar dips deliver excellent upper body mass. For concentrating on chest muscles, you have to lean forward while doing so. If you outgrow your bodyweight with time, you can add weight using a dip belt. If you are constantly overloading your muscles and consuming a good bodybuilding diet then no one can stop you from building a guaranteed muscle mass on your chest.

T-bar row is part of a group of moves that rely on the pulling movement to train the back muscles. While performing the T-bar you will feel multiple muscles at work to help pull the weight towards your chest and stabilize your lower back. By pulling the weight towards your torso, you retract the shoulder blades which help pull your shoulders down and back. It majorly stimulates latissimusdorsi which covers majority of your mid and lower back.

Superset 4

Supersets: Super-powerful Way to Build Super Muscles

Target Muscles: Upper Abs and Lower Abs

Weighted Crunches and Reverse Cable Crunches | 4 sets X 15 reps each

Lie down face up and bring your legs up from knees to 90 degrees where the lower legs are parallel to the ground. Keep weights ready overhead. Now, pick-up the weight and keep it on your lower legs which are parallel to the ground. As you come up, you squeeze your upper ab muscles and weights further put pressure on your ab muscles, making the tension constant. Now, in the same manner, take the weights back up and keep them over head. As you squeeze, breathe out and as you relax, breathe in. Try to do reps till failure.

If you are a beginner, it is better to do the crunches without weights by locking placing your hands at the back of your head, legs in the same position as above and lift your upper body up as much as you can, squeezing your abs every time and then going back again. Slowly, one must go further to do weighted crunches.

For reverse cable crunches, put your feet into the cable handles, sit on a slightly raised angle using your buttocks as fulcrum. Now, bring your legs up from knees towards your torso. As you squeeze up, breathe out and as your bring your legs back, breathe in. Keep doing as many number of reps as many you can in a set. The action lies in having the maximum pump in your ab muscles. However, the beginners can start with the same movement, without cable.

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