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Super 6 Workouts for Fat-loss and Strength-gain by Gaurav Gulliya

Are you trying to fight off plateau phase where you are unable to reduce weight despite exercising and good diet? Try changing your exercise routine and replacing it with 6 workouts given in this article which are specifically targeted at fat-loss.

Super 6 Workouts  for  Fat-loss  and  Strength-gain by Gaurav Gulliya

Almost whole of the world is struggling with a nothing short of an epidemic called obesity. More fat in your body pulls your immunity and agility down; pose as an obstruction in whatever you try to do or achieve in life eventually. Further if ignored, it drains you out of your confidence. Hence, more and more people are getting health conscious and have starting fighting it off and warding it off by adding workouts and exercises to their daily routine. Many a times, they are not able to get timely results or they get bored of the same exercises, and they don’t know how to go about it, where comes the role of an instructor. However, not everyone manages to go to gym or have an instructor in the first instance hence it becomes essential to try out the listed fast-acting, full-body workouts to burn your extra calories.

If you are tired of doing treadmill every day, here are some of the super 6 exercises which can give you targeted fat loss and shed those extra pounds fast. The interesting factor in these exercises is that you have a variety of challenges, you do it fast and involve whole of your faculties including whole body, muscles and mind together. They are very effective and cut the monotony in your workout routine.

1. Capoeira Lunges

Stand with your feet apart which is the starting position. Bend right knee and take the left leg stretching behind the right leg in straight line. Left leg must bend on knee and land on toe behind the right. Simultaneously, bring your left hand diagonally up bent at elbow in front of your body. Repeat the same movement with your right side. Do the lunges swiftly one side after another. These lunges are inspired by Ginga and make a very engaging workout. Do at least 2 sets of 20 lunges each.

2. Mountain Climber - Burpee Mixed Workout

Get on all fours, hands shoulder width apart and legs landed on toes, thrust your hips upwards and lift your right knee towards your hand; repeat with the left knee fast for 20 reps and then stand up on your toes, stretching arms upwards. Bend down in squats position and bring your hands down to ground, now come in plank position count till 5 and quickly back in squats position returning to the standing position immediately. This was a burpee combined with mountain climber. Do 20 reps of mountain climber then 20 reps of burpee and again 20 reps of mountain climber to complete a set. This is a rapid full-body workout and helps burning fat very fast.

3. Sprawl

It starts from a warrior stance where you fall down in squat and then plank push-up, standing again up quickly. It is fast and defensive take in a fight but makes for a high-energy workout. Do 20 reps of this workout.

4. Sprinter Lunges

Stand on one foot. Bracing your core, slide that back into a low lunge, go on lower than that. Explode back up by pushing through the heel of the stationary leg and raise your arms straight above your head. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps of this movement.

5. Box Jump

Take an athletic position with your feet shoulder width apart and stand at a comfortable distance from the box. Come in a squat position and thrust up with the help of your feet and propel up landing on the box. You can do 20 reps to complete a set.

6. Jumping Squats

Get into a standing position with your legs parallel. Now bend your knees and lower your hips, your knees should be aligned with your ankle and shouldn’t go beyond. Lower as much as possible and then explode up in to a jump back again. Do 2 sets of 10 reps each, fast.

All the above exercises if done one by one, quickly giving a rest period of 1 to 2 minutes in between will make a high intensity workout loop, giving a further boost to your weight loss exercise routine.

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