Success is Determination and Hardwork: Soniya Mitra

This athlete coverage shows journey of an fitness model who has several titles to her kitty! Read and be inspired with Soniya's story.

Success is Determination and Hardwork: Soniya Mitra

I am Soniya Mitra, an international fitness model, a gymnast & a fitness influencer. I compete in Indian Bodybuilders Federation (IBBF) as well. Belonging from a small town named Tribeni in West Bengal, I have been brought up in a simple, middle-class Bengali family, who has always dreamt to do something big, and make a name for herself. I have completed my graduation in Commerce, however, soon enough I realised about my interest and passion in fitness and sports, and therefore, decided to make a career in it.

I began my fitness journey in the year 2010. I won national championship in yoga for 4 times in a row. Post that, I shifted to gymnastics and there onwards my journey got fuelled. In 2010, I was selected for the Nationals and secured 5th position. It encouraged me further.

In 2012, I was selected for the Nationals, organised by Indian Bodybuilders Federation (IBBF) and I won the title of Miss India consecutively in 2012 & 2013. That year itself, for the first time, I got selected for the Asian Championship held by World BodyBuilding & Physique Sports Federation (WBPF) at Vietnam, I represented India several times on international level and secured medals for India.

In 2016, I represented India at World Championship, organised by the World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation held at Thailand. There also, I achieved silver medal (Runners Up) in the Fitness & Physique category for India, it was an ethereal moment for me that I could do the minimum for my country.

I am lucky enough and blessed to have such amazing parents and family, people who stood strong beside me and have supported me. My mother is my biggest inspiration, today whatever I am, it is all because for her struggle & efforts. After completing  my graduation, I started working as a freelance personal trainer, have worked in some of the best gyms in Kolkata and currently,  I’m working as a manager and a personal trainer for a premium gym in Kolkata. My happiness lies in the fact that I am pursuing my dream, my passion and doing what I love the most.

Throughout my journey, since the beginning till today, I continue to face obstacles but I never gave up, and never would. Infact, these challenges keep me going, make me better as a person both at my personal and professional fronts, and I came out stronger than before, every time. In future, I aspire to represnt India in the Internationals and bring glory to my country. With consistency, dedication, hard work and my strong will power, I’m sure that I will be able to make it one day, very soon! 

Precisely, the category in which I used to compete back in 2012 & 2013, it was rapidly evolving with the passing time hence it is not the same right now if compared to those days. After competing in 2015, I realised myself, that in order to do better in this sports; I must work on my physique as well and started working on my physical transformation.

My workout consists of strength and endurance with adequate amount of flexibility training. It almost remains same throughout the year.

It generally varies as per my goals. Mostly, I go through a high protein & low carb diet year round.

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