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Most of the people wish to look fitter and better, so did Ayesha but it was a struggle for her to leave her addiction for carbs. But she got over it with zeal and determination to become a stronger version of herself. Read more to know what she does to stay fit.

I am Ayesha Khurana, a 24-year-old fitness enthusiast from Delhi.  I started my transformation journey in 2012. It was not much about losing weight but being fit and healthy, look and feel better in every way. Till now I have lost about 14 kgs. Now, I am training myself to build Aesthetic Women Gang (women empowerment). Preparing myself to coach ladies as a Fitness Coach.

Fitness is lifestyle. Eating not according to your body makes you fat. I used to eat Mughlai food a lot, I used to eat to make myself happy. There is root to hard struggle in life to look good to feel good to look more confident to feel more confident,to feel more energetic and that is the key to fitness.

For transforming yourself, eating according to goals and focusing on more protein, more fibers and good fats is important.I drink lots of water that is about 3-4 liters a day.

My most challenging part during transformation was coming out of carbohydrate addiction. How to choose the right foods? How to maintain your consistency? How to stay away from highly sugared and maida based foods?

After focusing on the mindset for a long period of time, things worked!

Accepting myself: That body takes time to see results and progress happens with time. It’s a slow process.I decided to transform when I was fat, I avoid myself looking in the mirror. My best friend used to comment “tu aisi bhains hai ho kabhi patlliii nahi ho saktii.” – means that you are such a person who can never get in shape.

But in the end she motivated and encouraged me.

Workout Schedule

My workout schedule changes every 45 days of training. Right now,I am doing Pre-Exhaust Training Supersets

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Back and Biceps 

Wednesday: Hams and Delts

Thursday:  Chest and Triceps

Friday: Back and Biceps 

Saturday: Quads and Delts

(Alternate days, Glutes and Abs with morning cardio)

Basic Diet

I start my day with empty stomach ACV

Breakfast: 3 Whole Eggs and 3 Egg Whites and Half Cup Oats. Walnuts and Almonds

Lunch: 10-12 Spoon of Brown Rice with 150 Gram Chicken and Loads of Vegetables like Beans, Broccoli, Carrot.

Snacking: Banana or Peanut Butter

Dinner: Egg Whites or Chicken Breast 150 Gram with Cucumbers, Carrot and Beat Root

After My Workout: Instant 1 scoop of protein powder with water.

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