Story of an International Athlete, Powerlifter, Writer, Entrepreneur and Educator – Jinnie Gogia Chugh

I am a Woman. I am Jinnie Gogia Chugh. I am an international athlete, a powerlifter, a writer and CMD of Finergy Serve – The introduction echoes the power within. The video coverage unleashes the trials, inspiration and breakthrough notions about women and the sport of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Jinnie has been a celebrated fitness writer and a strategist for campaigns apart from the above introduction she gave, she dons many hats and emphasizes that women have a multitude of potential, they can do just about everything they set their mind into. Women can handle household chores with equal efficacy but then they are not entirely made to do that only, they are made to do everything they can and they wish to.

Jinnie is seen in the video working out her muscles and also stresses that it is obvious that muscular growth is important for everyone to remain strong whether you are an athlete or not, whether you are competing or not. Strong muscles are a strong support system for your joints and your overall health. She highlights that she herself took a sports nutritionist’s advice and it helped her a lot. So good nutrition plays a vital role in achieving your fitness goal.

It is imperative to take nutrition and do workouts according to your goals. If you are a bodybuilder, there is a different diet, different workout schedule and if you are a powerlifter then the nutrition and strength based workouts are totally focused accordingly. One has to understand the individual body requirements as well as the goal specific requirement for getting the desired results.

Jinnie said that she was a teacher and when she decided to be a part of the fitness industry, being a writer and a person into education, she wanted to spread awareness about it through her writings as well. But the toughest part for her was entirely changing her schedule to match that of a competing athlete, preparing for international competitions, doing extensive workouts and focusing on her nutrition. The transition was demanding and tough for her. When she began, she was not aware at all and had no clue about right diet and workout. She overcame all obstacles and grew with time, achieved a status for herself in the industry.

In her message to women out there, she says that always by in sync with your body, understand it, always train under an educated certified trainer, take good nutrition and take care of all issues related to your womanhood while doing so. Watch the video for more insights!

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