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Sports Training, Diet, Nutrition - Build it All at Body and Strength

Fitness shows that entertain you and inform you at the same time – is an asset for us and for our audience as well. The programs have rich content, unlimited and even customized content for each type of audience. Inspiring lifestyle, fun buddy workouts, sports training specials – name it and we have it in our relay list in 2021!

Sports Training, Diet, Nutrition - Build it All at Body and Strength

Starting off the new year with all new fresh series based on Yoga, workouts, gym fun, education and training and moving on to featuring inspiring stories from sports persons in India. 2021 is going to be a year of more fun, more entertainment, more training and more results! Let’s take our fitness and training goals to a whole new high this year.

Having a quick look at what all we have got on our plate to boost the most revered Fit India movement and unleash the power of fitness in our audience.

Diet, Recipe and Nutrition Shows: Dependable, authentic food shows that are based on giving you maximum nutrition information. Nutrition shows that are loaded with authentic knowledge to help you kill it even better in the gym!

Sports Training Shows: How do sports athletes of India train before making it big on national and international games. From Olympians to Commonwealth Players to National Level newsmakers, let’s see how do they train, what do they eat, how do they manage their time and lifestyle, and most of all how are they like in person.

Fitness Training Series: Get the expert knowledge from India’s best trainers and athletes who have made it big in the fitness industry nationally and internationally. From muscle building to weightloss know how do they train and know how can you train straight from them in their own way. Yes, personal trainers will train you at their own shows at bodyandstrength.com!

All forms of Training Shows: Let us make it clear, fitness comes in colors, types and forms because neither our body is the same at all stages of life nor our time is the same. Therefore, we have aerobics, yoga, zumba, pilate, bodyweight and CrossFit along with expert knowledge on other exercise based activities which you can take up to meet your fitness goals.

Wieght Training Specials: Different training shows on different muscles of the body. Whether you are looking for a belly flattening, fat-loss triggering abs workout or just want your biceps to peak out more, we have it all covered!

Expert Tips: Missing out expert tips on sports injuries, sports nutrition, general fitness, power nutrition and good overall physical and mental health is a crime. We want you to notch up your fitness game with full preparation!

Let’s make this year larger than life and earn a fitness level that will support us in living a healthy and happy life with overall fitness centric shows only at bodyandstrength.com! Subscribe today and get informed, entertained, motivated, inspired and trained for free!

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