Software Engineer who Chose Bodybuilding over His Career!

Saurabh Singh is an IFBB Pro Card holder in Men’s Physique. He is one of the renowned athletes in India but it took him a lot of hardwork, dedication and determination. He is still continuously improving himself. This athlete coverage reveals his story, diet and workout in his words.

My name is Saurabh Singh and I belong to Delhi, India. I'm the owner and founder of Genes Fitness and I'm currently preparing for Olympia in men physique to represent my country over there. I've earlier secured an IFBB Pro card in 'Men Physique' held in February, 2019.

I am another name in the renowned list of the athletes in India. Before opting to become a bodybuilder and a personal trainer, I've worked as a software engineer for five years. After which, I found that my true passion lies in bodybuilding only.

Since then it has become a constant part of my life. In order to work professionally in the direction of my passion, I've also achieved ACE and advance trainer certificate. Now, my only aim is to help people to attain their fitness goals and lead a healthy life. And, for the purpose of the same, I've started my own fitness spot named Genes Fitness.

Some of My Achievements

  • Title Winner in Men’s Physique stage like Body Power, Sheru Classic, Jerai Classic, Energie Sponsored Mr. India, 2 times Mr. Delhi, IBBF Runner-up
  •  Having a certification in personal training from American Council of Exercise.
  •  Having a specialization in Transformation, Personal Training, and Nutrition Diet plan.
  •  Have devoted five years of my life in fitness arena and fitness industry till now.

Apart from managing time for an otherwise such busy schedule, at the same time I have to maintain the schedule for my clients and then family, all above is my daily workout, especially, when I am on preparation. I believe in discipline, one must know his or her priorities in life and working on it. Generally, I do workout in the afternoon but once the competition is nearby, I start doing workout twice a day that is divided into cardio and weight training.

When I started my career in bodybuilding, the most challenging difficulty that I have faced was only one thing - a financial support. Bodybuilding is a kind of sport where you spend a lot but in return it’s nothing. So it’s better to create your source of income and then plan for bodybuilding show.

Coach itself a very important term or word when specially comes to bodybuilding part. Without good coach, an athlete can never overcome his or her weaknesses. My coach’s name is R. V. Rana and under his able guidance, I did very well in the past and will go on.

He always works for me as a third eye. Doesn’t matter how qualified you are but when it comes to practical approach, things are really difficult and different.

Basic Workout

Generally athlete used to say that they are off-season or else but for me as being an athlete and specially after securing a Pro card for India in Men’s Physique, it becomes very important for me to always look good and in condition.

My workouts always keep changing like sometimes I go for circuit training than double body part and sometimes, I perform single body part with heavy weights, it’s basically just depends upon your goal and what plan you have for yourself. But I always make it sure to cover weak body part twice a week.

Basic Diet

Diet is something which can change you every single day, week or month. But one must be consistent to it.

My diet is mostly focused on required calories that I can burn easily. I usually make sure that I keep myself on more of protein intake and complex carbs loading before and after workout like sweet potatoes, brown rice and potato.

For me diet play 100% role in your bodybuilding and regular fitness regimen.

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