Software Developer Turned Into A Fitness Enthusiast: Supriya Verma

Throughout her transformation journey she has made incredible changes in her lifestyle. She has her professional life that is prosperous for her but she also has to invest in her passion that is fitness. So she finally decided to transform and adopting small-small changes!

Software Developer Turned Into A Fitness Enthusiast: Supriya Verma

I am Supriya Verma 31- year-old, working in Gurgaon as a software developer.

I have been overweight since teenage, gradually become obese and had weak immunity and easily got fatigued during my physical activity. Even got a low bone density it was -1.8.

Previous lifestyle included long sitting hours in front of laptop and unhealthy food choice like junk and processed food.  I was unhappy with my lifestyle and I wanted to change my life pattern.

Actually I was not quite comfortable with my physique and lifestyle so I want to fight for myself with myself to change the way I look. Basically it needs a lots of hard work and if you have a will power and dedication then you can do it.

I got the motivation from my personal trainer, before meeting him my journey of fitness was directionless through his guidance I build up the strength and transformed myself.  

The most important thing that I have learnt to believe in order to change my physique. I got strength every time when I made a healthy choice.

In June 2017, I started working out with no plans and non-guidance I started my fitness journey and due to that I got injured and it took 4 months to heal.

One thing you have to keep in your mind throughout the transformation is to be patience and consistent to change yourself.

My basic work out includes 95% weight lifting and 5% cardio, I train my back- biceps, chest-triceps, legs and core on different days. And one day is reserved for cardio and yoga for recovery.

In my diet I include complex crabs, high protein and healthy fats in food, drink 3-4 liters of water daily. Eat at least 2 fruits in a day and snack on seed trail and nuts.

 I take post- workout whey protein shake always. I don’t eat any processed food and prepare all my meals by myself, and I eat Indian food. I have given up refined sugar except during weekends when I love to cheat on ice-cream.

I have realized through this journey that you can change your life by yourself, no one can help you in this until you will not dare to take a risk of a new path.

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