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Social Media: The New Office for Fitness Industry in Corona Crisis

This article highlights how social media has become the new workstation for the survival fitness industry. It describes how social media can be effectively used to boost the fitness industry and how it has become the new normal.

Social Media: The New Office for Fitness Industry in Corona Crisis

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has arrived, we have seen a drastic change in our lifestyle. Though it is not just our lifestyle that has changed, but the way we work has also modified. The power of social media is huge, figuring out one thing on news or finding it on social media, it doesn’t make a difference. When we talk about Fitness Brands, a lot has changed for people who earn their bread and butter through fitness. Yes, we know the impact of Covid-19 on our work very well, but have we thought about how it is going to work from now on? What changes do we need to adapt now to remain in the race? And what changes will last for our lifetime?

Social Media platforms have been booming since the lockdown started, as everyone was online and bounded to be home. This has made the use of social media for promotion almost essential now, you want a story? A meme? Is a trending hashtag famous? Social Media will help in every possible way for achieving your goal. Social Media has given an enormous amount of growth to a lot of fitness influencers and supplements brands. As we were all online and doing the fitness challenge on social media, this helped fitness influencers to grow as a brand during this time. As the brands already being a hype have gotten more sales done than usual. We all know why! BECAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD WAS ONLINE!

Whether it be the T-shirt challenge or plank challenge fitness topics has boomed during the lockdown, assisting you with the right supplements and right technique of exercising has made people famous. Though when we talk about the supplement’s brands or the fitness influencers what would it be like for them in unlocking 1? Things will change; People would want to go full time online! Why? Because Covid-19 exists.

Instead of home PT people will ask for online sessions, instead of you going to the store to buy a fitness product people will go online to purchase it. Everything is about to change but is the change helpful or worse for us in the fitness fraternity? Well, if we look at it people would still want training we won’t run out of business. You can rather get more clients than usual because you won’t have a time limit of reaching a place or traveling from one place to another. It can make your career shine brighter.

If we look at brands wanting to promote whether its supplements or clothes they can perform much better because when an athlete is chosen for a brand, its followers have a good chance of buying those products. Sponsoring an athlete with the way social media is moving can be very profiting, as we all are onto social media. Social media is a fire once it spreads it is going to leave some smoke, that being said the promotions for fitness can go well.

The brands need not look for a huge amount of followers in social media for promoters because when a brand picks up at least 50 followers with 500+ following in their account they can still reach a good number of consumers of fitness products.

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