Skinny Guy to Fitness Model - Mohit Arya

Being one of the skinniest guys during school & most of my college duration I desperately wanted to make changes in myself. So my fitness journey started 4-5 years ago during my engineering days.

Skinny Guy to Fitness Model - Mohit Arya

I am Mohit Arya, a 24-year-old fitness model & body transformation coach from Panipat (residing in Mumbai).

As the years passed by my passion for fitness has increased manifold. During this duration of transforming myself, I learnt a lot about nutrition and workout science and now I am also halfway through my nutrition and fitness science expert certification.

As the fitness Industry is increasing day by day, so are some wrong sides of this. A lot of youngsters these days are looking for shortcuts(anabolic steroids) just to look good and impress others.They need to understand hard work has no replacement.

These shortcuts are very harmful in long run. Unless you are competing professionally, one should never go for these and even if you are competing, make sure you are under regular supervision.

After my college I worked 2 years in IT Company and this is when I realised how less knowledge people have about importance of diet and lifestyle. Even I faced some challenges due to this sedentary lifestyle as my metabolism slowed down a lot. So I quit that job to invest all my time to fitness. Now I spend most of my time learning more about this field and taking follow-up with my clients to help them achieve their dream physique.

Now I am working full time as a body transformation coach and side by side I am working on my own Body to participate in classic physique category few years down the line.

The most difficult part during my IT career was to maintain my Diet. All my meal timings used to vary as per client work requirement. And many times the work hours used to extend. So there were a lot of days when I reached home around 8 to 8:30 PM and was tired as hell, but had to run to gym directly. Working out after already being tired is one of the worst things you can do.

My initial transformation started while I was working out in college gym. But till few months ago, I wasn’t as consistent in my workouts as I should have been. But for last 6 months there hardly has been a week when I have not worked out atleast 5 days and now I have attained much defined and complete physique. So consistency is the main key to success here.

I am a hard-core old school bodybuilding fan so my workouts are very intense and I mostly prefer Free weights rather than machines. Free weights give me better movement in all exercises. And being an ectomorph, fat is not an issue for me. So I have never ever done cardio. I rather believe in maintaining high muscle mass as more muscle mass you have, more fat your body burns.

And for my Workout split, I train a lagging part twice a week & biceps-triceps are trained on same day. So it’s 6 days of intense workout for me.

Being vegetarianit’s hard for me to maintain my daily protein requirement, so I need to take atleast 2 scoops of whey protein. I never follow a strict diet plan. Simply I keep a basic macro count which I fulfil anytime during the day. One day I might eat Soya for breakfast, next day I might have it in dinner.

Rough Diet chart:

  • Milk + Protein
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Soya chunks (Pre workout meal)
  • Protein shake(Post workout)
  • Dinner
  • Milk
  • Few banana whenever I feel hungry

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are normal Indian veg food. I just avoid rice at night.

My aim is to make people understand the importance of diet & how harmful effects bad diet can have. Also I want to promote natural bodybuilding as it may take some more time but the wait is worth it. Most of the people go gym just to look good, these people should never ever think of taking shortcuts. Slowly people will understand all this and that’s the vision I have, a much healthy & fit India. This is something a single person can not do, we all have to come together for this.#LetsMakeIndiaFitTogether

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