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Siddhant Jaiswal and Manoj Patil: Best Buddy Workout Ever!

“Winners keep on changing but that shouldn’t change your attitude. Be positive even if you lose on stage and respect yours and others’ hardwork. We must support each other to lift up this game together.” – Siddhant and Manoj talk about sporting spirit in this video.

The video opens up to inspiring words on sportsmanship coming from popular athlete Siddhant Jaiswal and IFBB Pro Manoj Patil. Many athletes in the industry know nothing about the meaning of the word – sportsmanship and those who do often fail to exercise it. There is a lot of jealousy, envy and even hatred for each other which begins from ‘losing’ on stage. Athletes forget that all of the athletes on stage prepared whole year for those 5 minutes. If you are consistently participating, you will improve each time and eventually start winning too. Hence, respect for each other is important. The respect for each other irrespective of the result of winning or losing, is known as sportsmanship.

All the people in the fitness community, especially, athletes must not waste energy in nurturing hatred just because they have lost to someone, instead there should be support and encouragement wherever possible. In this way, the whole game of bodybuilding earns respect even outside and more people would like to participate in it. Moreover, negativity won’t lead you anywhere personally or as a sportsperson.

After a strong message on sportsmanship, both the real time buddies – Manoj and Siddhant killed it in the gym with some inspiring workouts together. The support they were giving to each other showed how their friendship is strengthened even more because of their passion for fitness. Siddhant said that when you have same interests and same mind-set, workouts become more of fun. Manoj added that you don’t feel exhausted easily and you improve sets after sets together. Each other support helps you realize your maximum potential and keeps you motivated all the time to be consistent and determined. A good workout buddy is a boon to your gaming goals. Friends can prep together and be on stage together only and only when they have good sporting spirit.

Not only this, Manoj and Siddhant gave important workout tips, which you can use to your benefit in the gym and correct your form if you have been doing it wrong till now. The video is packed with two hunks of the industry with their muscle building power at work and that too together!

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