Shweta Rohira – Actor, Writer and Entrepreneur shares Her Fitness Journey

She is not only someone’s someone, she is Shweta Rohira, a strong woman learning and evolving physically, mentally and spiritually. Here she shares her fitness journey with us.

Shweta Rohira – Actor, Writer and Entrepreneur shares Her Fitness Journey

Shweta Rohira has been known as Salman Khan’s beloved Rakhi sister. She has other stories attached to her which have already thronged the internet and media about her life, her relationship, her disappointments, her struggle and what not. But hardly anyone in the public knows her as a person.  talked to her at length and discovered a gem of person with an inspiring demeanor. She had a strong message to give to the nation and that says to not to give up – no matter what storm comes in your life, there is always a way to grow stronger and come out of it. She has written a book named ‘Filmy Chick’ recently in Mumbai and with it she has evolved as a thinker and author too. She is not only someone’s someone, she is Shweta Rohira, a strong woman learning and evolving physically, mentally and spiritually with time or shall we say ‘One Day at a Time’. Here she shares her fitness journey with us.

No one gets fitter in a day and it takes long time and strong will-power to change your lifestyle to a fitter version of it. The common reasons behind gaining weight are over-feeding, not doing any exercise or yoga, not taking care of your body and leading a sedentary lifestyle, calling it ‘comfortable’. I resolved to change when I was on the verge breaking down. Most of the people do it because this is the time most of them realize the importance of self-love. It is not about losing weight or looking good but it is about feeling good mentally and physically. I being an artist – writer, actor and entrepreneur; my work schedule consumes most part of my day. So it was initially very hard to balance things out but once I made up my mind, I decided that it is the high time that I started caring for my body and listened to its inner call. I didn’t go on a crash diet, I didn’t do heavy exercises at all because I was not doing it to show it to the world or anyone, instead I was doing it for myself, my body, my mind and of course, my life. If you lose weight in a jiffy – what you lose, you gain.

Hence, I didn’t need to lose in the first place but I needed to feel and stay healthy for a lifetime. This is the right mental set up you need to transform yourself. There should be a strong connection between body and mind to strike the necessary balance to attain health and fitness goals, which will come to stay with you life-long. I did let all the positive thoughts come to me from all sides, I didn’t divert my mind but I made it think right. I started by meditating and then doing Yoga and cardio workouts daily, one hour each, daily. Yoga is the best way to remain balanced. Even when people walk or run, they are doing a kind of meditation by concentrating on their health and body for a period of time. This concentration is the thing that plays an important role in keeping one fit.

Along with my exercise, I made it a point to eat small portions of every meal and didn’t starve myself neither did I ban any particular food from my diet. I take twenty minutes every time I eat and I divide the day into two halves one for liquids and another for solid foods. I eat whatever comes my way or whatever is available at hand but in very small portions and that didn’t make me crave nor did I starve. I take my own sweet time whenever I eat, slowly and relishing the treat for my body. This is the right way to eat by giving it time to relish and make digestive process more efficient too. This is another kind of meditation. Food and exercise both are necessary for your body to stay healthy and I mastered the balance between the two while steering through the daily grind. Even when I travel, I never skip my cardio and yoga and I eat small portions of whatever food available that too very slowly. When I started off I was 80kgs, slowly and gradually, I reached a figure which looks good and healthy. I made it a point that it feels good and healthy too. I wish to spread the message that those who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle or lose weight must know that anything can be achieved, never do it to prove any point but do it for yourself, just listen to your body and mind along the way.

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