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Shoulder Workout, The Old School Way!

Overpower anyone with that carved bulk on your shoulders. The old school way never fails you, it is not history, it is the success story which shows on your body. Try it after watching this video!

Mr. India Overall and Arnold Classic winning athlete Kirat Lakhyan is known for his strong and big, muscled body. Bodyandstrength.com talked to him and he revealed how he does some of the very effective shoulder workouts for his fans and viewers who wish to learn from this bodybuilding achiever. Shoulder workouts are not something new but it is how you do them that matters.

Kirat stresses on full range of motion and right posture in each of the exercise he demonstrates in the video. He says that more you take care of doing it slowly, keeping the right posture and not moving any other body part except the muscles involved, gives you the desired result over a period of time without being susceptible to injuries. Moreover, it is a known fact that not everyone does the shoulders right, ending up with flared up spondylitis-like soreness. It is important to carry out exercise knowing the best about your body.

Also, it is important to warm-up the muscles first with the same exercise which you are going to do with lighter weights and longer set to improve your mind’s connection and concentration on the workouts which are to be followed and to increase the blood circulation in the muscles.

The 5 powerful workouts for strong impressive shoulders as shown by Kirat Lakhyan are as follows:

1. Shoulder Press (3 Sets X 12 to 8 Reps in decreasing order)

Sit straight under the bar on the bench and hold the barbell, shoulder width apart. Now, bring it down breathing in until it touches your chest. Pause for a second and then again push it up till your hands are upright straight again as in the starting position. Exhale while you perform this movement. Repeat.

2. Side Lateral (3 Sets X 10 to 12 Reps)

Pick a pair of dumbbells and stand straight legs at natural distance from each other. Dumbbells should be at your side at arms length and palms facing you. Keep your torso stationary and move the dumbbells up on your sides with a slight bend at the elbows (tilted forward as if pouring water) but putting all your strength in from your shoulders only. Exhale while performing this movement. Now, lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position as you inhale.

3. Front Raise (3 Sets X 12 to 8 Reps in decreasing order)

This workout can be carried out with a barbell or a with a couple of dumbbells. Here, Kirat chose a pair of dumbbells and decided to show you how he does alternate front raises with them. Stand straight as you did while doing side lateral, with a very slight bend on the knees so that you don’t end up giving jerks to your body. Your hands must face your thighs. Now, lift one dumbbell up with one hand, palms facing down and slight bend at the elbows. Exhale while you do this movement. Pause for two seconds and inhale while you bring the hand down. Perform the same movement with your other hand to complete a rep.

4. Upright Row (3 Sets X 10 to 8 in decreasing order)

There are two types of grips, close grip is for inner traps and wide grip is for outer traps. Stand straight with knees bent a little, normal position. Pick up a barbell, Kirat hold the rod with a close grip. Now, take the starting position where both your hands hold the barbell in a close grip in standing position, spine stationary. Pull the rod up till it touches your chin, do not take your elbows up, they should come parallel to the barbell at the top, this will avoid any injury to your wrist while lifting the weight. Inhale as you do so and take a pause of 2 seconds before bringing the barbell down slowly.

5. Shrugs (3 Sets X 8 to 12 Reps)

Shrugs can be done with a rod or dumbbells. Kirat shows you how to do them with dumbbells. Grab a pair of dumbbells and keep hands on side, standing straight, palms facing you. Your elbows should be straight. Now, squeeze the shoulders up without moving any other part of the body, take a pause and then bring them down again. Inhale as you go up and exhale as you go down with full range of motion.

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Kirat Lakhyan

He is Chandigarh based Bodybuilder with 8 years of experience in bodybuilding and owner of Iron House gym in Mohali.



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