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Shot-Putting India Ahead - Tejinder Pal Singh

We cannot talk about Shot-put without mentioning his name. He gave a direction to the game with his dedication and exemplified in front of other athletes who wish to move forward with this sport.

Shot-Putting India Ahead - Tejinder Pal Singh

Bodyandstrength.com team interviewed Tejinder Pal Singh who has recently won a gold medal in 23rdAsian Athletic Championship Doha.

No doubt great athletes are made of undeterred determination to win. Determination, risk taking and ability to move above the obstacles that makes an athlete ‘Champion’.

Tejinder Pal Singh comes from a simple family of farmers in Punjab, he wanted to become a cricketer but his father wanted him to take up any individual game as destiny had great plans for him.

Not only his determination but his immense love for sports has made him a benchmark for all the athletes. Here is a conversation withTejinder Pal Singh.

When did you start playing Shot-put?

I have been playing the sport Shot-put since I was 12 years old.

What are the skills required for Shot-put?

The main skill required is the technique, how to throw the shot-put because if you don’t have the right techniques you cannot achieve your goal no matter how fit you’re.  Your fitness level also plays an important role in any sport.

What are the challenges you faced in the field of sports?

There are many challenges the sports persons face but one thing that plays a crucial role is fitness level of an individual. If players will be fit and healthy, they can face any challenge.

How do you mentally prepare yourself for any event?

Your coach contributes a lot in this as he/she puts a positive pressure on you. You coach motivates you and leads you to the right direction. My coach does the same.

How your coaches have contributed in your journey?

In the initial period I was trained by my uncle Gurudesh Singh. I trained 7 to 8 years under him. Then I shifted to Jalandhar where I trained under MS Dhillon.

You wanted to be a cricketer but you ended up as a Shot-putter. How have you shifted from cricket to shot-put?

I used to play cricket in my childhood by the time I became more passionate for it and I wanted to be a cricketer. But my father advised me to shift from a team sport to an individual sport. My uncle was a shot-put player so my dad wanted me to play the same sport so I can get the guidance from my uncle.

In what areas do you need improvement?

Recently I am working on my power.

What is your current training schedule?

My training plan includes two schedules- morning and evening. I train 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. Mostly I rest on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

What was your toughest part till to date?

When I came back from the Commonwealth Games, I came to know that my father was suffering from Cancer. That was the most difficult time of my journey. It was the phase when I had to choose either my father or Asian Games. The decision was very tough as both things were precious for me. Finally I decided to quit Asian Games and stayed back with my father as he needed me the most at that time.

My coach encouraged me to take part in Asian Games and told me that you cannot treat him. He just need your mental support. So don’t take risk and grab the opportunity!

That’s how I changed my decision to take part in Asian Games, changing my mind at the last moment.

What kind of assistance/help are you looking for from Indian government?

The government should focus on the young players who are doing great in their own sports. I think the players should get better facilities and support from the government of India. The players should be selected for training under any specific camp. The players should get the better sports facilities and guidance so that they can do better in their specific field.

What is the role of nutrition and diet in a field of sports?

It is obvious that if our body will not get the right amount of nutrition it will not function properly.

How sports have helped you in your life?

Sports have helped me to grow as a person. I was an ordinary man like others. No one looked up to me but now all the things have changed.People look up to me and get inspired. People say to their children look at him- Be like him one day!

I belong to a small village but I feel happy to see people taking risky and courageous step to make their life better! I feel very privileged that I am able to inspire young generation.

Who is your sports idol?

Mark Phelps, Usain Bolt, I admire them. They motivate me and influence me to do great things and improve myself.

Describe your sport (Shot-put) in one word.

Do or Die

What relationship you share with your coach?

He is not only my coach. He is everything for me brother, friend, coach, motivator.

What are specific exercises that should be incorporated into your workout?

Bench Press, Sitting Press, Snatch, Squats.

What message you want to convey to the audiences?

In this digital age most of the people are busy in their phones but it’s wrong. You should work towards your fitness goals. You should go out and workout.

The message you wish to give to the young athletes?

They should never follow the short cut. You cannot achieve your goals with short-cuts. You have to work-hard to achieve your goals. Don’t go with steroids it’s not long time. You have to be patient with determination.

A player should possess the quality of leadership. Individualism will not lead you anywhere in the field of sports. No doubt! You have to work on your individual weaknesses but you have to be a team player in the first place. Because in sports, you don’t represent yourself you represent your country first!

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