Shivam Bharadwaj: Jaw-Dropping Transformation despite a BPO Job

When you have passion and zeal you can lift heaviest weights. Read how a seminar has changed his whole perception of fitness.

Shivam Bharadwaj: Jaw-Dropping Transformation despite a BPO Job

I was always obsessed with working out and lifting weights gave me the ultimate satisfaction. I used to eat 6-8 meals a day in the endeavor to get big and at my peak I got really big and weighted 100 kg. However, being that big naturally had its cons as I don't only had big biceps measuring 19 inches but had a belly that must have measured 37 inches.

Although I used to lift heavy weights, a visit to mall with kids used to give me a sore back. My job profile of working with BPO gave little scope of balancing my health and fitness with it. My body clock was bizarre and it led to unmindful eating.

Then during May 2016, I attended a seminar on nutrition that became a life changing event. I understood the concept of calories proportion, BMR and TEE. I understood the concept that I was just eating food previously without keeping a count of my calorie intake and checking the proportion in which I was eating my macros (protein: carbs: fats). I started preparing my own diet on the low carbs concept and was happy finding visible changes to my physique, the weight also got shredded easily and I felt a lot fitter.

I shredded a lot of weight and was weighing 80 kg now. I was able to do things now which I always wanted to and finally went for my first trek. We were in a group of 15 and there were guys way younger to me, however; to my shock I was the first one to reach hill top and first to come down hill too. This first trek gave me a lot of confidence and I felt so happy with my new fitness levels that I took more treacherous treks thereafter. Now I was able to live my life the way I always wanted to in the lap of the nature/mountains. 

However, as they say that life is never a straight line during the latter half of 2016 a chronic tennis elbow injury cropped up and the same time I was preparing for my sister’s marriage too. This break of 3 months from workout made me look shabby. Though I was determined to get my life back on track and post recovering from my injury participated in an online transformation challenge of 12 weeks. I weighed 85 kg and by the end of 12 weighed 69.8 kg since then; I haven't looked back.

My diet during the transformation period consisted of low carbs and lot of calorie cycling. To my surprise, I at my current weight was still able to lift the same weight that I used to once I was at 100 kg. During my transformation I ensured to change my workout after every 4 weeks to keep the body in a state of shock from the perspective of both the diet that I eat and the workout that I Incorporated in my schedule.

My recommendation to every fitness enthusiast, learn nutrition and stay natural! Happy lifting!

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