Shilpa Aneja: Meet the Fitness Lover who Crushed Cancer!

You can recover from any dangerous disease it all depends on your attitude towards it.

Shilpa  Aneja:  Meet  the  Fitness  Lover  who  Crushed  Cancer!

I have always lived a healthy lifestyle be it my life before cancer diagnosis or my present life when I have conquered this cancer. Health has always been my priority and I make sure that my entire family adheres to some basic healthy rules.

Even before Nov 2016 when I got stage 3 breast cancer, I was into fitness. The phase from Nov 2016 till Jan 2018 took a lot from me both physically and mentally because of my cancer treatment but I never gave up and always stayed positive.  After my treatment, I again started my fitness trainer from cancer survivor. Having undergone 8 cycles of chemotherapy, 18 rounds of Herceptin, 25 days of radiation and 3 major surgeries, I call myself “The Cancer Slayer”.

This is my story I am Shilpa Aneja from Jaipur. Before becoming the Cancer victim I have worked with corporate like Bharti Airtel, Aircel and Unique Builders but now working in the best job that I am doing. Firstly, because fitness is my passion and secondly because I help people to achieve their goals by keeping them self’s healthy. For me the most challenging thing was to keep motivate myself and to get back into fitness after cancer treatment. Due to surgery and the cancer treatment I lost my stamina and not able to do much on the left side of my body. As I am a firm believer of pushing your limits and it’s all in your mind, I never looked back and also the word “Excuse” does not exist in my dictionary.

My decision of transformation begins after completing of my cancer treatment i.e. on January 2018. For me fitness is must and being a passionate fitness freak, I have designed my workout according to my goals. From doing high intensity cardio to weight lifting, from stretching the body to doing Yoga and resistance workouts, I do everything and still learning new things because learning is never ending process.

I am very particular about my diet. When you follow any diet plan, discipline is the key. I take everything in a moderate quantity. Your diet should contain a little of everything. I don’t starve myself but feed my body as per its requirements and my goals. 

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