Sheru Classic 2019, Delhi: What Made IFBB PROs Win?

There has been a furore over the result of Sheru Classic 2019 (Delhi), especially, when the IFBB Pro card winners were announced. So there has to be a winning factor in each of them, what made them stand ahead of their competitors on stage? Here is a study to calm some nerves!

Sheru Classic 2019, Delhi: What Made IFBB PROs Win?

There are 8 essential or mandatory poses which each of the contestant is expected to hit at the stage. Apart from body aesthetics, if you are not able to bring out definitions to the muscles or do it less than what the others managed to perform, you will lose points. Apart from the poses, a lot depends upon your confidence and personalization.

Yes, personalization also takes away the attention and the points. The way each bodybuilder hits a pose is different and you must find your own way to strike each pose. These differences in posing reflect the differences in their physiques and personalities.

Apart from the way you hit the standard mandatory poses, your add-ons also make for brownie points. Where there is a neck to neck competition and two or more than two contenders appear to be the potential winners, the add-on poses which you hit like a pro on the stage can take you towards victory too. Sheru Classic 2019 (Delhi) championship was no different and the judgments were driven by performance on the stage.

Let us pick 6 of the IFBB PROs and see what made them win the stage battle this time.

1. Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh Kumar won in Men’s Bodybuilding category. All contestants although put their best, winner had to be one. Aesthetics, well-defined bulk, carrying out poses with desired impact on muscles, reflecting the hard work with confidence and in his case with a smile! He clearly steered ahead with aplomb in his category.

2. Moumita Mazumder

Moumita Mazumder walked away with the pro card, competing on the stage in Women’s Physique category. With high-definition muscles she reflected strength, stamina and bold demeanor – all combined together led her to victory. Physique is more hard core than figure or bikini when it comes to judgment.

3. Bikramjit Singh

Bikramjit Singh was the winner of Men’s Classic Physique. There are some tough decisions and one of them was encountered here when there were close contenders on the stage. Here add-on perspectives cannot be ruled out, especially, your personalized way of posing. Bikky’s vacuum posing was class and reflected not only bulked up muscles but control on those muscles and that too with sheer confidence.

4. Mridula Baishya

Mridula Baishya walked away with Women’s Figure title and of course, PRO card. She had been a clear winner with the beauty of her confidence, perfectly filled figure to go with her over the top posing. Of course, the striking glamor she lent to the stage can’t be ruled out.

5. Manoj Patil

Manoj Patil is a name in Indian bodybuilding industry but the bigger the name, bigger the responsibility it carries to maintain and improve day by day. Manoj walked away as the winner of Men’s Physique category. Again posing took away the breath here because the entire time he was on the stage, he was posing professionally and didn’t take a casual moment off. Not only he was totally in sync with posing, he did it naturally, without exerting much which reflected his practice off-stage.

6. Rutuja Hegshetye

Rutuja Hegshetye won the Women’s Bikini category. This PRO winner had the title because of her bikini curves. We have to pay attention that bikini category is not about bulk but right proportion, the best your body type can carve into, with visible subtle definition to muscles. She scored on those.

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