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Sherrin Varghese Balances Show Business and Fitness Together!

A multi-talented singing sensation Sherrin Varghese tells in this article how he handles his hectic schedule and fitness schedule together yet leads churns out success. If you have been thinking that it is only you having time issues and can’t do anything for your fitness, think again!

Sherrin Varghese Balances Show Business and Fitness Together!

Sherrin Varghese is a multi-talented Indi-pop and Bollywood singing sensation known for his insanely energetic and infotainment performances and his extravagant presence on and off stage. With his rock-led voice, he curates his own brand of Indie, Electro Pop, Commercial EDM/BDM, Dubstep, Tech House, Techno and even his own genre Bollytronica. He is also part of India's 1standonly Boy band, A Band of Boys, with 5 albums, 1 Bollywood film, and is 20 years in the business, as a professional singer, musician and entertainer producing and performing solo as well. He's one of India's few pop star artistes, successfully striding both acting and a singing career. Also a TV face with vocal skills for hire.

1. Who inspired you to get into fitness?

Fitness is a way of life, there is no getting to it, and you’re either into it or not. Having said that my inspiration has been sports namely Volleyball and if we had to put a name to it, it would be Michael Jackson. He's danced his way into his fifties!

2. What is fitness according to you?

Fitness according to me in today's day and age is only eating right and doing one metabolic/cardio activity a day. Given the hectic work schedules we all have, it's very easy to slip into a zero activity zone where food becomes a comforter and people start eating away their sorrow. On and off 20 years I have been working out keeping a strict watch on the food and waist line.

3. What has been your most challenging during training? 

The most challenging bit is to do it consistently. Given our lifestyles and the ever increasing pollution, traffic and weather, it is not very encouraging for people to step out of the comfort of their air conditioned homes and offices leading to a sedentary lifestyle.  It does not require a lot, just small correct doses of exercise / activity every alternate day, can go a long way. 

4. How do you manage your work and time? 

I make sure I sleep on a light stomach. This causes one to not have back aches, gas and lethargy that come with lying down for 8 plus hours and hunger is a good reason to get up in the morning and finish your 30 minutes of exercise before eating a nutritious breakfast. A creative person's life must be filled with as many different things to invigorate all the senses and keep one's work and play in balance.

5. Your message to the people? 

Abs are made in the kitchen. Do not jump on to fad diets! Eat what you really want to have and please don’t skip any meal. You just need to balance you proportion of food and the most important time when you have it. Just a little thought to these and you can achieve you desired goal.

6. Role of nutrition in your lifestyle

I consciously do not eat carbs, only meat and veggies as much as I can. It manages to slip in anyways due to the modern life that we live in the form of rotis, rice, sweets, sugar in the tea etc. Carbohydrates, sugar, manufactured and processed food is a construct of the modern world and that has been present only since the last 80-90 years since the invention of bread. This is sugar and that's the primary cause of all major chronic illnesses like heart attack, cancer, type 2 diabetes and what not. Eliminate that and if you are up to it try and go vegan, then even simple nutrition will show multifold on one's persona.

7. What motivates you? 

Fitter people who can independently handle their life, business or job leading an active and inspiring lifestyle motivate me.

8. Does music inspires him for exercise? 

Music can do the role of guarding the BPM of the heart if needed during an exercise set. Keeping it charged all the way is a standard playlist that most gyms subscribe to but the occasional Buddha bar also can do ample damage on its own calmly. As they say music soothes the savage beast!

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