Shelly Arora Clinches Bronze in Sports Model Category at INBA Olympia

Shelly Arora brought back accolades representing India at the INBA Olympia stage, recently. She shared her experience, her workout routine and interesting facts about her diet. It is exhilarating to see an Indian woman shining in this sport on an international stage!

Shelly Arora Clinches Bronze in Sports Model Category at INBA Olympia

I am a marketing professional, with over 17 years of experience. Fitness is my passion and I took it to professional level this year, when I participated in INBA Asia Pacific competition earlier this year in July, in Bangalore and won the Championship trophy in Women Physique category.

I then started preparing for the Natural Olympia, pinnacle of natural sports. I trained for 4 months under Ken Ross, my coach from Australia. He is 53 years old and still participates in the PRO Bodybuilding category!  

The Olympia happened in Las Vegas, from 14th till 17th Nov at the Rio Casino and Resort. I feel proud to share that I am the first Indian female athlete to have represented India at the INBA Olympia stage. With consistent hardwork, I won several accolades for India at the event:

  1. Won Bronze medal in the Sports Model category 
  2. Selected in top 5 in women Bikini Diva Amateur category 
  3. Selected in top 10 in Pro Bikini Diva category

This is the most elite competition for any natural bodybuilder. There were more than 100 athletes from 20+ nations like US, Italy, Romania, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, etc 

My diet and workout plan was carefully designed by my coach. In first 8 weeks, I gained and reached to body weight of 52 kg and body fat of 16 percent. Then in last 2 months, cutting process began but it was only low carbs and good amount of fat and protein. Till the last week of competition, I was eating and doing an hour of intense cardio and 45 minutes of weight training, thanks to super effective diet plan by my coach. I had to travel all the way to USA, it was a 36 hours journey so I froze food and carried it on the flight- white fish and red bell pepper. Almost puked eating it for 2 days in the flight, but that is what is required to keep yourself competition ready sometimes.

My workout schedule was an hour of weight training early morning and an hour of cardio post office hours in evening. I used to carry many meal boxes to office everyday. So, strict discipline, focus and hard work rewarded me with so many accolades at the natural Olympia. I landed in Las Vegas on Monday but the competition was on Friday. I was, hence, shuttling between my room and gym on all the days in between with complete focus to give this championship my best shot.

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