She was Body Shamed Yet Transformed: Astha's Fitness Journey

There are young people who wish to live to the fullest and not fall into the ‘discipline’ trap. The carefree attitude, however, weighs heavy on them over the period of time. But Astha realized the need to change just in time and pledged a fit lifestyle for the rest of her life!

She was Body Shamed Yet Transformed: Astha's Fitness Journey

I am Astha Singh a 21-year-old from New Delhi. I am currently pursing Masters in Physics and run my coaching classes for students.

I started gaining weight in my 11th grade tremendously due to unhealthy eating habits and no physical exercises. I used to eat a lot of junk food. Then, in my graduation days, parties, eating outside and all was a part of my lifestyle. As a result, I gained lot of weight in that time period.

I used to get negative comments on my body type, made fun about every single thing and that was the most depressing part. Believe me body shaming can break anyone’s confidence. I was depressed in those years and I used to cry a lot, questioned myself why I am this way. I used to binge eat after starving whole day in order to lose weight.

My transformation journey did not happen overnight, no one can transform the body without the correct mindset. In 2017, I decided to work on myself honestly. But prior to that, I tried lots of crash diets and all but nothing worked. So I started all over again with small steps. My only goal at that time was to lose weight. There were many hurdles, in initial weeks I used to get frustrated easily because I was working very hard but couldn’t see any results, so with patience and consistency my hard work paid off, I saw myself transforming not only by body but by my mindset, my strength and everything got build up.

In initial days, I had no knowledge about anything. In the whole phase, one of my friend who is in this field helped me a lot with his guidance and I had his support throughout this journey. So I started with running and cardio. After developing enough strength, later on, I added HIIT and weight training.

Nutrition plays the most important role, so my diet basically includes veggies, lentils, salad, oatmeal, whole food soy, protein shakes, and fruit salad. I cheat once in a while. My workout schedule is 6 days of weight training (2 muscle groups), like legs with shoulder, chest with triceps, back with biceps and ½ hour of running, sprints and then some core exercises. I go for outdoor running on off days. I am not saying it is going to be easy, but it is always worth it.

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