Shashank Khanduri Lost 30kg on Scale, Retained Muscle Strength

After lifting heavy and being on high calorie diet, it is not easy to shred while maintaining your strength. Shashank Khanduri drastically changed his diet and regime to come back to bodybuilding, his first love. Read his story to know more.

Shashank Khanduri Lost 30kg on Scale, Retained Muscle Strength

I am Shashank Khanduri. I am a 30-year-old from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. I work as a freelance strength and transformation coach based out of Mumbai.

Started my journey a decade ago with Bodybuilding at college state and national level. Pursued my Bachelors in Physical Education, ACSM(CPT),NSCA(CSCS). I am an Internationally Certified Kettlebell Teacher(IKFF) and a Bronze Medalist in Open Classic International Bench Press Championship 2016-2017. I had it in mind to upgrade my education in fitness right from the beginning and it has added to my credibility as a trainer while gaining experience with different people as a transformation coach.

After achieving my goal of getting a medal in the strength fraternity, I wanted to shift back to my first love, which is bodybuilding. In the process of building strength and lifting heavy, I had gained a lot of weight due to high calorie intake and high power training in order to lift heavy. For three years, I kept myself continuously on a 4000plus calories diet and I made sure all these calories are coming from healthy food and trust me it was harder than losing all that weight and coming back in shape!

I am a firm believer of Old School Strength Training methods. Never did any Keto, never counted my macros, no fat burner at all. I just strategically went down on calories every 3weeks, a month and restricted it to 2000calories on a daily basis majorly coming 55% from protein, 25% from fats, 20% from carbs.

The main Secret of my Transformation was never missing upon my cardio sessions. It was not only about losing weight somehow, I had to be in shape, I had to keep up with my strength at the same time. It was a task hence, I never went off-diet for a single day and continued to track my transformation journey on my social media handles on Facebook and Instagram. It played a major role as it kept me motivated and gave me a goal for each passing day.

My goal is to maintain 10% to 12% body fat percentage, eat healthy and be flexible while maintaining my strength and helping others to do so as a coach. When you are guiding others, it doubles up your chances of maintaining your body. Contrary to the major belief, your fitness goals do not take a setback while doing so. Once the focus is clear that you are doing everything to reach your goal, there will be no compromise whatsoever.

My transformation was different from people, who embark on this difficult and challenging journey to lose fat and lose weight. Since, it was meant to compete in bodybuilding sport, it had time restraint and was more rigorous in terms of following a set diet and following a workout regimen. It is my passion and my sport hence, it is something I have to do. But looking at the people who come from different backgrounds, busy work schedules, still they transform themselves, it indeed inspires me all the more.

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    Main 4years se zim kar raha hu. But meri body ki saij kam hai. Maine koi supliment abhi tak nahi liya hai . Mujhe koi supliment bataye jisase body groth kare .aur mere cuts bhi aye

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