Setbacks are Push-Ups for Future: Ankit Chaudhary's Transformation

His father’s untimely demise left him hopeless but it couldn’t stop him from trying harder to become a better version of himself and bag a place in bodybuilding championships. Ankit Chaudhary’s inspiring story is a must read.

Setbacks are Push-Ups for Future: Ankit Chaudhary's Transformation

Ankit Chaudhary is a 24-year-old from Amritsar, Punjab. He is working with a private company (P&G) as a sales executive from last 1 year. It is not an easy task to achieve your fitness goals along with managing a private sector job. Hence, time management becomes a challenging part for almost everyone looking forward to bring change in his physique. Ankit had to put a lot of timed effort to bring about a noticeable change as well as bag bodybuilding titles for himself!

Ankit says that he leads a simple lifestyle and the only thing constant in his life is his dedication towards her fitness goals – his workouts and his nutrition. He also, keeps his life uncomplicated which helps him focus more on his goals.

Like most of the success stories so far the decision to transform his physique into stage ready masterpiece was not cake walk for him. During this process, he faced the major jolt, which moved him to his core and the impact was more than any of the external injuries – his father’s death. It took him time to recover from this irreparable loss as a father is the main support system of a family. But he didn’t give up and became emotionally strong with time. His setbacks made him prepare better for his future.

Despite all the odds, he had some of the prestigious on-stage victories to his kitty. He became Mr. Amritsar in 2017 and 4th Runners-up Mr. Punjab bodybuilding championship. His bodybuilding goals always made his concentration stronger and helped him maintain his earned physique over the period of time.

He is at his work from 10AM to 6PM and hence, his time to hit the gym is from 7PM to 8:30PM.

Workout Schedule

He starts with simple warm-up drills and exercises. He dedicates a day to one muscle like Monday is for Chest, Tuesday is for Biceps, Wednesday is for Shoulders, Thursday for Triceps, Friday is for Back muscles and Saturday is the Leg day. He also alternates by giving one day to upper body and another to lower body muscle groups.

Basic Diet

He doesn’t use supplements and depends mostly on natural diet for nutrition. Oats, boiled potatoes, boiled vegetables, curd, banana shake, and eggs are a part of his daily diet. He avoids junk food and things like sugar, etc.

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