Secrets to Successful Transformation by Hannah Sim

Hannah Sim is a fitness coach and a fitness model with many achievements in her kitty. But it was not always like this. She has overcome many obstacles, biggest of them being obesity and too in her teenage! She transformed herself to the best version of herself and fondly shares her story in this video.

Being a 90kg overweight teenager, life was unwelcoming for her with respect to people’s perception as well as her own day to day tasks. Taking even half a step was difficult for her. She mustered all her courage to embark on this journey of fitness where not only she helped herself but now, she is helping others making their life better.

She confessed that she once suffered from a taxing eating disorder called Bulimia. Well, for your knowledge, Bulimia refers to an emotional disorder characterized by a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by fasting or self-induced vomiting or purging. Now, it is very difficult to not only come out of this state but to overcome the cause of it which was in her case, her obesity. She tells how she managed her diet and her training with determination and finally, achieved her dream.

She thinks that overcoming her physical and emotional challenges was an achievement for her, she became a 46 kg fit person from 90 kg unfit teenager! Then she has won an Oxfam 100 km marathon which she says is an achievement. She also participated and won in Battle of the Fittest contests. The inspiring journey doesn’t end here. She is now a fitness coach and multi-brand athlete.

As a fitness coach, she says that making someone live better than before gives her contentment. For example, if a father is not able to play with his son for an hour in a stretch because he lacks stamina then helping this father getting fit enough to do so, makes her feel fulfilled. She considers doing better than before as she progresses in life, an achievement and we couldn’t agree more!

Watch her full interview in which she reveals how she completed this profound journey of incredible transformation!

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