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Say Bye to Your Negative Thoughts With Yoga

There is no shame to open up about your negative thoughts, we all have second body that is Negative Thoughts! Kick out negativity from your mind and improve your health with these yoga postures.

Say Bye to Your Negative Thoughts With Yoga

Our thought gives an idea about personality and behaviour. Who we are is determined by what we think. As per a research 95 % of our thoughts are repetitive and 80 % among them are negative thoughts. We can’t stop thinking but we can change our negative thoughts to positive ones. It sounds quite easy right? But it is not. You need to focus but firstly you need to analyse your thoughts to identify whether the thoughts you have in your mind are positive or negative!

‘Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become action.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, it become your destiny.’ - By Unknown Author

You can easily identify and categorize your thoughts by understanding and identifying these habits in your behaviour-

  • Being vitriolic
  • Chatting with own self
  • Hates to being with friends
  • Doubts on everyone
  • Get easily irritated
  • Feeling of being unsafe even with known ones
  • Feeling of loneliness

The question strikes in everyone’s mind is how we can overcome from this negativity.

You just need to adopt these simple and easy habits.

Smile: Smile as much as you can. Stand in front of a mirror and try to smile even though you don’t want to. While we smile endorphin, dopamine and serotonin are released, which serves as a mood lifters. While you smile you will feel pleasure in it and it will help your mind to stay away from negative thoughts.

Read books and quotes: Build habit of reading good books. They will not only engage you to stay away from negativity but also motivate and encourage you to work towards achieving your goals.

A book engages you toward itself and stop your mind to have any negative thoughts and when we read books, this encourages us and sometimes give an idea to overcome from negative thoughts.

Start Meditating: If you think about one thing again and again without any reason, you can eliminate them with the help of meditation.

We create drama and chaos in our life by worrying about future and regretting of past. We can calm down all the negative thoughts with the help of meditation and feel like an ocean. We all experience peace when we do our favourite things like painting, dancing, eating yummy food or more than that.

Meet positive people: Surround yourself with people who always encourage and support you to stay positive.We all have hear at least once that ‘friends and the people aroundyou have a large impact on your personality’.

Your personality is based on your thoughts, what you think matters. If you surround yourself with positive minds and starting making friends who are ruling over their negative thoughts in order to reach new heights. Positive people help you to fight with your negative thoughts and will encourage you to achieve your target and spread positivity all around you. Positivity in you will boost your confidence and make a best personality of you.

Enjoy your day: Always try to make your each day memorable. Do things that would make you happy while completing your work.

Things that make you happy, encourage you to do complete the task more effectively and boost your confidence. Your confidence make you to handle things more easily, which would help you in changing your negative thought to positive ones.

Do what you want: Do what you want to do or what you love. It will not only give you a chance to enjoy your moment but also make your work fun and easy. It can help you in staying stress-free.

Whatever things make you happy engage yourself more in it. Engaging yourself in something would make your mind to forget thinking same negative thoughts over and over. This will help mind to get rid from negative thoughts and increase more chances to think positive things despite of having negativity in your mind.

Spread happiness: Sometimes helping someone not only bring smile on others face but also gives you a different kind of satisfaction and pleasure.When we help others whether in their project or in personal work, that time hormones are released which are responsible to make us smile. While smiling dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released which serves as mood lifters. It changes our mood by converting our negative thoughts to positive ones. Therefore, start helping others whenever you can and spread happiness worldwide.

Transform your lifestyle: Make some changes in your lifestyle. It can be your dressing style, eating habit, making friends, or your daily work routine. A positive change in you not only feel you good but perhaps result in something better for your personality. A strong personality will surely boost your confidence and make easy you to achieve your target. And we all know achieving what we want gives us a different kind of satisfaction and this satisfaction will fill you with positivity.

Beside these tips you can also add some of these yoga posture in your routine to get ride from negativity of your mind.

1. Kapalabharati

  • Pose as you sit in gyan mudra.
  • Sit crossed legged with index finger touching your thumb and relax it on your lap.
  • Keep your back straight and then inhale lightly and exhale forcefully creating a sound.
  • Repeat it 40-60 times.

2. Surya Posture

  • Sit comfortably on floor with crossed legged.
  • Touch your thumb with tip of your middle finger.
  • Simply inhale and exhale.
  • Repeat twice or thrice a day.

3. Eagle Posture

  • Stand on your one leg and balance yourself by putting/ keeping other leg on your thigh.
  • Touch your palms with crossed hands.
  • Try to raise upward your hands as much as you can.

4. Ustra Asanas (Camel Pose)

  • Sit on your knees, touching your toes.
  • Raise upwards keeping your knees on ground.
  • Now, try to touch your ankles with your hands, being on same posture.
  • Keep your face upwards.

5. Child Posture

  • Sit on your knees, touching your toes.
  • Keep your hands on your lap while inhaling.
  • Try to touch ground with your nose and hand straight while exhaling.

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