Save Indian Fitness Industry: A Message

A Message for All of You by Thakur Anoop Singh (Actor, Athlete, Pilot), Yatinder Singh (Athlete, AimFit Gym Owner), Junaid Kaliwala (Athlete, SOS Owner), Rita Singh (IFBB Judge, Former Athlete), Yashmeen Chauhan (Athlete, Sculpt Gym Owner), Vikas Jain (Anytime Fitness, MD), Nikhil Kakkar (Gold’s Gym, COO), Arun Bhattacharya (Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist), Manish Gandhi (COO, ABECL), Chirag Sethi (Founder, Classic Fitness Academy) - Listen!

Indian Fitness Industry has been experiencing tough times due to the worldwide Corona Virus outbreak. Gyms are shut down during the period of lockdown, which is extending owing to the growing number of corona virus positive cases in India. At US $ 90 million is Indian Fitness Industry is one of the most promising industries in the world. Unfortunately, the sudden and unforeseen circumstances due to the nationwide lockdown have hit the industry really hard.

Lakhs of fitness trainers and coaches are right now struggling to keep their living. All the gym employees’ life is in doldrums right now because of the looming uncertainty. Gyms are running in deficit and there is no tax-relaxation or relief packages from government’s end to the fitness industry business. Let us recall the time last year when Fit India movement was launched and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed it himself stating that being fit is the only way to survive, live life to the fullest and increase your productivity no matter what work you do.

In the times of this pandemic, it is all the more important to strengthen out immune system by being fit. There is no other way to ward off this virus other than practicing social distancing for the moment and adopting a fit lifestyle with good workout and nutrition so that even if we are exposed, we know that our defense mechanism will fight back stronger and we all will survive.

Keeping that spirit it mind, Indian Fitness Industry is not giving up, it never did, it never will. All the stalwarts and CEOs of the Fitness Industry have come together in this hour of need to appeal to the masses and government to help it survive this crisis. The pandemic will go sometime in future but fitness industry have to stay to make you fit enough to enjoy the gift of life in good spirit and health.

The video features some of the torchbearers and trendsetters of the Indian Fitness industry telling the people to renew their gym memberships and take the advantage of being trained online by gym’s personal trainers at home. People can make use of the lockdown time at hand and enroll for online fitness training certificate courses with renowned academies in India. Government can announce relief packages and help the industry with some tax rebate, this will help the industry sustain through this crisis. Without people’s support nothing is possible. The industry leaders urge you to support the industry, which has supported you till now in attaining the priceless gift called health and fitness.

Watch all your favorites in one screen today, and listen what they have to say, they all, in fact you also need the industry. Only You can Save it!

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