Satyam Kaul – IFBB Athlete from Chandigarh Shares his Journey

It was quite easy for me to adapt to the routine and lifestyle of an athlete as I was involved into the sports since my childhood.

I am Satyam Kaul 28 years old Men’s physique athlete belongs to Chandigarh. I represent India on national and international competitive platforms. I am an IFBB athlete, currently, working in a Supplement Store as a Store Manager. I am also a freelance personal trainer.

I didn’t encounter any health issues throughout my fitness journey but yes, at times muscle soreness or lower back pains became unavoidable. I knew that such injuries are the part and parcel of getting your body trained. However, I believe that if the exercises are done in a correct manner, they will definitely give results without hurting yourself.

I was already into sports since my childhood. So I didn’t find much change before and after. I easily got adapted to my training routine. I played national level in Fencing sport 12 (twelve times). The one change I found i.e. my diet and discipline.

I did MBA but then I switched my career towards bodybuilding and I have done several certifications in fitness. I am an old school kind of guy and I prefer to work on single body part at a time.

My basic diet includes proteins, fats and carbohydrate. There is no strict diet plan but I do believe in intake of a balanced diet.

I think government can do a lot in bringing this industry up and it is just a matter of shifting one’s focus towards this rapidly rising industry in India. Athletes and trainers have a lot of talent in India and they work very hard against all odds at most of the times. If public gets more aware and government lends a supporting hand, we all can give a new phenomenal direction to fitness industry together. People must take up sports and set up fitness goals for an overall healthy life. Exercising and workouts are not only meant for bodybuilders.


  • NABBA MR.NORTH INDIA 2016 over all Men’s Physique title.
  • NABBA MR.INDIA 2016 over all Men’s Physique title.
  • BBSA MR.INDIA 2017 over all men’s Physique title and best poser.
  • IBFF PAHAL CLASSIC 2016 1STrank fitness model 2016.
  • IBFF men’s Physique 2ndrank 2016.
  • DBBA(Iron Man of India)2016 1strank Men’s Physique.
  • DBBA(SILVER CLASSIC 2016) 4THrank bodybuilding category 70kg.
  • WFF MANJULA CLASSIC 2016 1st place fitness model.
  • IHFFSHERU CLASSIC 9th rank 2016.
  • FIT FACTOR INDIA 2016 4th rank male model.
  • Punjab bodybuilding 3rd rank Men’s bodybuilding below 75kg category 2014.
  • HBFA VIJAY CLASSIC 2016 1st rank Men’s Physique.
  • FITFactor India Regional Chandigarh over all winner 2017..
  • FIT LINEClassic 2016 Best poser.
  • SANTOKH GARH SPORTS FESTIVAL 2016 1ST rank Fitness model.
  • DBBA(Silver classic)1st rank Men’s Physique 2016.
  • NCR Over All winner 2017 Men’s Physique.
  • IBBF He-Men of India 2016 over all Men’s Physique.
  • Wasim Khan Classic 2017 over all Men’s Physique.
  • PCA Physical Culture 2017 powered by Body Power silver medal.
  • Jerrai IBBFF Men’s Physique 4th rank 2015.
  • Jerrai Grand Male Fitness model 2017.
  • Jerrai Grand India 2017 Below 170cm category 5th rank Male Fitness Model.
  • Sheru Classic Male Model search 2017 4th
  • Olympia Amature India 2017 9th rank Men’s Physique.
  • Sheru classic Pro Qualifiers 2018 13th rank below 170cm Men’s Physique.

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I am Saatyam Kaul 28 years old Men’s physique athlete belongs to Chandigarh. I represent India on national and international competitive platforms. I am an IFFBB athlete, .... Read More..


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