Sargam Gera: Digital Marketer's Glam Transformation!

Sargam Gera, a digital marketing professional left her double figure salary and secure job to became a fitness professional after losing 18kg of bodyweight and gaining lean muscle mass! She is 31 and gives out the message that it is never too late to follow your dreams. Read her story.

Sargam Gera: Digital Marketer's Glam Transformation!

I am Sargam Gera, an Ace Certified Fitness Professional. I was born on 21st May 1987 in Fatehabad (Haryana). Since childhood, I was chubby and have always been overweight. My friends used to call me “Moti” during school days and perhaps even after that. Even my relatives used to make fun of me being heavy and always told me to reduce weight not to make myself healthy but just so that I can get a handsome guy to get married. This always made me feel underconfident, though I never discussed with anyone. Later when I grew up, I realised what body shaming means.

I was always good in studies but due to my heavy weight and plump body, I was never really interested to be a part of a larger group, be it friends, parties or anything. Sometimes, I myself realised that having a good body is very important, not because people make fun of you but you want to see yourself like that. It went on like that and I completed my graduation (Eco Hons) and Post-Graduation (MBA Marketing). I started working as a Digital Marketer in 2010 and things went on. I got married in 2015 to Avneet Sachdeva. This probably made me forget about my body for some time but it was not for long. When we used to go together to a friend’s or relative’s place, everyone used to make fun of difference in our appearance, he being apt and me being heavy.

Weight Loss Journey

One fine day, in Nov 2017, I decided to join gym as I was frustrated of not fitting into my clothes and at the same time people making fun of me. I was 80 Kg at that time. The purpose was just to lose some weight and look good. I started enjoying the strength training and used to hit gym every day. However, I was not satisfied with my training and nutrition as there was no proper guidance that I was getting. In Feb 2018, I got in touch with Mr Yatinder Singh, an Indian athlete and a fitness influencer. I knew that if I have to go the right way. I need guidance from someone who really possesses the knowledge and I could think of anyone else. I explained him what I was going through and he was ready to guide me. From that day, there was no looking back.

I kept on following the workout and diet plans that he suggested me and results started to show up within 3 months. The journey was not easy as I had to go to office and hit the gym twice; cardio in morning and strength training in evening. I had stopped going to parties and family functions. However, nothing stopped me and I kept going on. There was no day when I missed my workout or diet and I was actually enjoying it. At the same time, Avneet used to support me a lot. After 7 months in Aug 2018, I had shed almost 18 Kgs of weight and I was at 62 Kgs. I gained good lean muscle mass by then and had attained a good shape. Most importantly, I gained lot of confidence and I was quite happy.After that fitness became a lifestyle.Also, I was able to bring the same lifestyle changes in my family and we are now leading a healthy life.

Change of Profession

Though I was working as a Digital Marketer and never had any complaints with any of my job but I always thought that I wanted to do something else. But what?That was always a question. Every day while going to office, I used to be sad that I have to go to office again today. During my weight loss journey, I realised this is what makes me happy. There was no day when I felt why I am doing a workout or taking a specific diet. I realised that I used to be very happy after coming back from gym. I got my answer that this is what I want to do. I then thought of leaving my job and becoming a full-time fitness professional. This was not at all easy. I was earning a double-digit salary, had a good normal shift job. There was now a problem of convincing everyone (in-laws, parents, husband) that I wanted to follow my passion. But I had decided and was determined to do this, so I was ready to bear everything. I had lot of discussions with my husband, sometimes heated ones also. Though he has always been very supportive and he was fine with me following my passion but he was against the idea of leaving job immediately without settling down in fitness.

But I knew that if I have to follow my passion, I have to completely forget my job. Parents were also not that happy as it was difficult for them to accept the profession for me, especially when you belong to a small place. There were so many things; what relatives would say, what society would say, what will you do and lot more. However, after hearing all the things during day I again used to think what all I can do in fitness during night. I was very sure with regards to me becoming a full-time fitness professional. After going through all the things, I finally left my job in Sep 2018. It was not easy for me as well but I really wanted to follow my passion and help others as well in their fitness journey. I started my practical training under my mentor Mr Yatinder Singh as I wanted to learn more. After sometime, I started training people and was really enjoying it. After 7-8 months, I thought to do a certification as I wanted to learn the science behind human anatomy and obtain foundation knowledge. I could not find anything better that ACE, which is a universal leader. I started self-studies and gave 6 months to my preparation. I was training people as well at the same time and had started with some online trainings as well. Finally, in December 2019, I cleared my certification and my fitness journey continued.

Support System

No one achieves anything without a support system. In my journey my biggest support system have been Mr Yatinder Singh as my mentor and Mr Avneet Sachdeva, my husband.

My mentor has guided me, motivated me whenever I used to feel low. There were so many days when I felt like giving up. However, he always made sure to motivate me and get me back to my purpose. He has not just guided me for fitness but for everything in life. He was also there to support when I decided to change the profession as he believed in me. I cannot thank him enough for whatever he has done for him and will always thank God to have such a mentor.

I am very lucky to have Avneet as a life partner. I would not have been able to do this without his support. He has always made sure that nothing comes in between me and my fitness routine. He was the one who felt that I was actually passionate for fitness. I still remember, two nights before my ACE exam, I was really nervous. He spent the two nights awake with me, making sure I was doing all the practice tests. He has never complained of all the time that I have taken from him and given to my journey. He has always been the man to stand behind me.


I just want to tell people that there is nothing wrong in following your passion. Age does not matter. If I could do it at 31 years of age, I believe anyone can. There will be lot of hurdles but you have to be determined and consistent. Although I am still exploring the industry and finding out ways what all I can do; I am happy, confident and at the same time earning a decent amount as well.

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