Sania Mirza’s 20kg Weight Loss Journey and Weight Loss Tips

Sania Mirza is woman of uber determination. For women, it is a tough task to shed those extra kilos, which pile on during pregnancy and more often than not becomes a major trigger for postpartum depression. Well, here are some tips coming from Sania Mirza herself.

Sania Mirza’s 20kg Weight Loss Journey and Weight Loss Tips

Have you been scared of pregnancy for the fear of gaining those extra pounds? Yes, we understand that it is a herculean task to get back into same shape with same spirit. But then it is not impossible. Sania Mirza has been giving us major sporting inspiration but here, she is again amazing us with her weight loss journey after pregnancy. She is inspiring many women in the country with her fitness as well, after doing it for decades in the sport of tennis.

After getting married to Shoeb Malik, she gave birth to a baby boy in the year 2018. They named him Izhaan. During pregnancy, she gained weight up to a hefty 89kg! Recently, she revealed her astounding transformation from 89kg to 63 kg! She said, “We all have goals, everyday goals and long term goals… take pride in each one of those… it took me 4 months to achieve this goal of mine, to get back to being healthy and fit after having by baby… feels like such a long way. To come back to regain fitness and being able to compete at the highest level again… Follow your dreams. No matter how many people tell you that you can’t… because God knows how many of those we have around us. If I can then anyone can!”

She often shares inspiring posts for mothers with #mummahustles. In one of her posts on Instagram, she said, “The reason why I use #mummahustles in my social media stories is to show as a mother that you can still be fit and you can still live a certain life. It doesn’t mean that your life is over because you have become a mother, your life has just begun.”

It often happens that if the road seems too hard, we give up midway and assume that those who did it, did it just because of some good luck, being rich or having got support or having enough motivation. They have got something more than we have got. Yes, to some extent it is true that they have got something more and that ‘more’ is their steel will and sheer hardwork and nothing else. Not everyone goes for unnatural ways to look fit. Because it is not about ‘looking’ fit, it is about ‘getting’ fit and ‘being’ fit. If you have to get fit, only you can do it and no one else or nothing else can do it for you. So, it is important that we stop pitying ourselves after having kids and start working on ourselves for either a long term fitness goal or a short term intensive plan, we have to set a doable goal and make it a lifestyle to achieve it. Sania has given a contextual message to all the new mothers or for that matter all the mothers who couldn’t do it till now. If mothers like her can do it, you can also do it, if no in 4 months then in a year or two but it is absolutely NOT impossible!

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