Sandeep Yadav: A Skinny Guy's Massive Story

Once you are determined to transform then nobody and no reason can stop you, says Sandeep Yadav, whose transformation story can encourage and inspire people who want to become fit.

Sandeep Yadav: A Skinny Guy's Massive Story

After completing his schooling in 2010, Sandeep started working at a call center in 2011 and completed his graduation by correspondence while working at a corporate. Certain random circumstances have been Sandeep’s biggest inspiration. He joined gym back in 2010 just because he was sent to the kids’ section by a shopkeeper. He was 19-year-old, but so skinny that the adult section’s smallest size was also loose for him.

A lot of people played a major role in raising him to where he is today. His friend Saurabh was the first person to bring discipline in his fitness routine. His parents and his wife have always been his strength and biggest motivators. Sandeep says that his transformation has been into multiple phases and the reasons are very basic circumstances that people usually face in their day to day lives. He was a very skinny guy when he completed his schooling in 2010. He weighed 49 kg and started working out to gain weight. His decision to transform at that stage was more due to the challenges he faced in society for being skinny. In the course of time, he gained around 30 kg of weight. In 2016 there was a day when he was driving back from office and he felt so much heaviness in breathing. His stomach was bulging out and the seat belt made him feel uneasy. That was the day he decided to get lean and actually fit.

Sandeep’s fitness journey became successful due to the support of his family, his coach Deepak and his mentor Pankaj Gajwani. Now he works at a corporate in Gurgaon. Based on his experience, Sandeep says that, the only challenge he himself or anyone else could face in their fitness journey is the lack of determination. Once you are determined to transform then nobody and no reason can stop you. His biggest challenge was lack of time. The expenditure also rose drastically when he started competing in professional bodybuilding shows and it was a tough task to manage the finances. But his passion for fitness didn’t get in the way of his responsibilities towards his family. He also says that the contest preparation days are the most hectic, when he has to workout twice a day and do a 9 hour job for which he drives 100 km daily! Those are the times when he usually sleeps for only 4 hours on the working days. His wife and his parents have supported him a lot to overcome all the obstacles by never letting him go off track.

Here he shares his basic workout regime:

I workout twice a day during the contest preparation and once a day during the off season. I keep the weights heavy during the training, the interval is increased during the contest preparation. Further my cardio consists of mainly running and cycling.

Here he shares his basic diet:

“I follow a protein and fibre rich diet year-round. The calorie intake is higher during the off season and is gradually adjusted during the contest preparation. My diet usually includes 6 meals a day. I am fond of simple home cooked food and try to keep my diet around that.”

With regards to the time management to stay fit, Sandeep says, “In order to stay fit, we need to sacrifice some leisure time. To make sure that I don’t fall short of time for fitness and family, I have taken certain steps like I don’t watch television, movies and web series (which are a kind of addiction to people nowadays). I follow a disciplined routine starting from the time I wake up and this helps me stay punctual with all my day to day chores.”

In his message, Sandeep says, “I would say that if anybody wants to transform then the first thing they should do is to start working on their goals. A perfect starting point doesn’t exist but needs to be created. Be determined, make a schedule and follow it religiously. Once you start putting the efforts, the results will follow automatically. Along with this I would also say that everyone should follow their passion whether its fitness, drawing, singing, dancing or anything else. Make sure that you dedicate at least an hour a day for something that you are passionate about, something that makes you jump out of your bed early in the morning.”

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