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Sagar Katurde: Protein is Not for Heavy Lifters Only! - Episode 1

Episode – 1 of Team Eugenics: The Inside Story series features known bodybuilder Sagar Katurde. He shares one his power-up post-lockdown workout session and also lets you know how to cope with post lockdown fitness blues!

Sagar Katurde begins by telling you how to begin exercise after lockdown. He says that we must start with intermittent or alternate days exercise and bring our body into a schedule gradually. We must choose workout for every muscles with maximum compound movement.

To motivate us and present an example of how we can choose our exercise post lockdown and start again, Sagar Katurde demonstrates 4 workouts – Cable Crossover for Chest (3 Sets X 10 Reps), Seated Row for back (3 Sets X 10 Reps), Hammer Curl for arms (3 Sets X 10 Reps) and Lateral Raise for shoulders (3 Sets X 10 Reps). He lets you know to feel the exercise though right stretches and squeezes in the muscle while performing them, full range of motion and correct form is of equal importance while doing so.

Sagar then shares his special views, experience and facts related to supplement intake, especially, protein. He rejects the common belief that protein should be taken only by heavy lifters. He says that anyone who is exercising on a daily basis or is doing heavy physical activity day in and day out, requires protein as much. Even the beginners who have just started exercising, are doing more work than their daily routine, there is wear and tear of muscle going on in their body as well and they need to cope with it. Most often than not, people are not able to get that extra protein from their diets even if they try. In this case, they must take protein supplementation.

Body builders who are prepping up for competitions need to take whey isolate protein according to their need. People who feel the need of strength upon waking up in the morning need to take casein in the night so that there is slow release of protein in their bodies whole night and they wake up with enough strength to exercise again the next day. So according to their respective body needs, they need to take protein supplementation.

Post lockdown, it has become all the more important to take care of your nutrition needs. If you have started exercising already, and if you are doing it regularly, powering up regularly in gym then it is important for you to supplement your diet with protein scoops. This will help in muscle repair, will provide strength and keep you fuller for longer.

Sagar fondly reveals that he has been taking Eugenics supplements including protein since 4 years and it has worked wonders for his muscle growth. He recommends everyone to go for Eugenics Nutrition supplements to start their post lockdown fitness journey as well as to start this new year on a new, healthier and fitter note!

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